New Orleans Hit with at Least Seven Tornadoes

New Orleans and the surrounding area has taken yet another hard hit just yesterday when several tornadoes touched down on land and nearly destroyed everything in their path. Foundations of where homes once stood are all that can be seen in some areas while business, motels, cars, and more have been left completely damaged. According […]

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Red Flags to Watch Out For After Filing a Car Accident Claim in Miami Dade

Accident injuries range in severity and generally depend on how serious an accident was. If a person is rear-ended and there is only a slight ding on their bumper, chances are, the driver may have only suffered from a sore neck or back, and maybe even whiplash. And then there are those cases where a […]

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Republican Plan Could Bring Back Pre-Existing Conditions for the Sick

Washington, D.C.- In a late-night session of votes, Republicans in the Senate took the first steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, through budget reconciliation. During the marathon session of votes, steps were taken to de-fund key elements of the law that make benefits like pre-existing conditions and preventative care possible […]

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Fort Lauderdale, FL Insurance Claims Lawyers

Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and other care givers selflessly dedicate their careers towards the well-being and good health of their patients, but they themselves have a really hard time dealing with disability insurance claim providers when they actually need help the most, say insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL and there is no one better in this realm than Leader & Leader, P.A.


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How Can I Avoid a Denied Property Insurance Claim?

Oakland Park, FL insurance claims attorneys highlight one important way to help you avoid having a claim denied or rejected.
Insurance isn’t necessarily the easiest to comprehend. There are many terms individuals aren’t familiar with, and unfortunately, many property owners aren’t even clear on what they are agreeing to when they sign up for coverage. When it comes to your policy and the fine print that is included in it, you need to be certain you have a clear understanding of what you can and cannot file a claim for. Not only will this help you determine if you need to purchase more coverage, but also save you the disappointment of having a claim denied simply because your policy excludes that type of damage. […]

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How Can a DUI Affect Your Cost for Auto Insurance?

Whether you’re a teen, mother, father, or grandparent, everyone knows that if you’re getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, you must have a valid insurance policy protecting you. Your age group and your particular circumstances are used to determine what your auto insurance is going to be, and the companies are going to use your level of risk to decide how much they want to charge for your policy. Unfortunately, things like younger age and driving convictions result in a higher premium, but just how high do these policies go? […]

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Are You Dissatisfied with Your Home Insurance Settlement Offer?

Our homeowner’s insurance companies are good for a number of different things. They provide protection for that antique car you may have sitting in your garage and they even cover a damaged roof in the event a storm has destroyed yours. Home insurance is by far one of the most beneficial types of insurance coverage to have, that is when the carrier handles claims properly and provides adequate settlements to those who have the proper protection. […]

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What Exactly is an Insurance Deductible?

If you own a home, have recently purchased a car, or began a career that offers healthcare insurance, you have then been presented with the daunting paperwork that follows on how to obtain insurance and the various plans that are available. While some of the details may be clear, others may have you feeling a bit confused and even an explanation provided by an insurance agent doesn’t quite help. One of the most confusing aspects of any insurance policy is the deductible, and insurance claims lawyers in Washington, PA are here to help better explain it to you so you can feel more confident with which plan you select. […]

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What is Gap Insurance?

Insurance claims lawyers in Mobile, AL explain what gap insurance is and why someone would elect to purchase this particular type of coverage.
Did you know that every time a vehicle is purchased and taken off the lot, the value of it decreases? So, the car you may have just purchased for $30,000 is now a few thousand less than what your contract states. And because there are various types of insurance coverage that can be purchased to protect your vehicle, gap insurance is designed to “cover the “gap” between what a vehicle is worth and what you owe on it,” according to the Insurance Information Institute. […]

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What Type of Insurance is Required to Purchase a Condo?

Local insurance claims attorneys in Litchfield, CT review some basic necessities that are required to insure your condo if you happen to be in the market to purchase one.
While some individuals would prefer to live in a condo over a single-family home, it is important to know ahead of time what you are getting yourself into so that you can be fully prepared and know what to expect. Unlike a single family-home, most condos have certain requirements that must be met in order for you to reside within the unit. For instance, in most cases, you must be approved by the association before you are able to purchase the home. […]

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