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If you were denied insurance benefits after filing a claim in Michigan, you have the right to take action. No matter what the situation may be, the amount you were due, or the kind of policy you uphold, you can fight back against your provider with the help of an insurance attorney, which you can easily find on our site. provides access to an extensive network of top denied insurance claim lawyers in Michigan. There are detailed facts regarding each of the legal professionals who practice in the state so you can make an informed decision on who should represent your case. Start browsing our site today so you can be on your way to collecting the insurance benefits you deserve!


Protect Your Rights as a Policy Holder with the Help of an Insurance Attorney

There are many different types of insurance claims that can be filed, all of which have the potential to be denied by carriers. Sometimes, insurance companies don’t even state the reason for refuting a claim or may ignore policy holders when trying to file an appeal. That’s where having a skilled insurance attorney on your side can make a tremendous difference.

The outcome of an insurance claims case can be significantly improved when an experienced insurance dispute attorney is fighting for your rights. Not only do attorneys who specialize in wrongful denial of insurance, bad faith, and insurance fraud know the law through and through, but they will go after insurance companies directly so their clients won’t have to worry about dealing with obstinate agents alone. They will also handle every other aspect pertaining to a case, right down to helping you with property damage appraisals if your home, rental unit, or motor vehicle was destroyed.

When you have a Michigan denied insurance claim lawyer spearheading your case, you can rest easy knowing that the chances of securing compensation – and possibly even additional damages – will be much higher.


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While an accident or natural disaster can happen in the blink of an eye, unfortunately, policy holders aren’t allowed much time to collect their thoughts or obtain the help they need for their emergency. The time allowed to file an insurance claim is extremely small. Waiting too much time to file a new claim or appeal a wrongfully denied insurance claim can cause the policy holder to miss out on their rightful compensation.

Don’t let this happen to you. You have already suffered enough, and the last thing you need is to lose what could be potentially thousands of dollars in damages. Act today and schedule a consultation with a Michigan insurance claims lawyer so you can get started on your case swiftly and obtain justice.