The news of a plane crash always fills our hearts with fear and panic. Over the years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of missing planes and airplane crashes. The Arkansas incident makes us question the integrity and competency of major airlines. To be on the safer side, it is always good to hire an insurance claim lawyer to ensure that you’re compensated for your hardships. 


What went down in the Arkansas plane crash incident?


In the rural northwest of Arkansas, a single-engine aircraft crashed into a gorge. An official statement issued by Ron Brown, the sheriff of Crawford County, stated the crash took place on Friday, 4th September, and authorities discovered the plane on 5th September. The plane’s remnants were found on the McCain Branch Driver, located in Chester, Arkansas. When this incident occurs, a family of four was in the plan. The victims were identified as Kevin Herron, Gavin Herron ( Kevin and Holley’s son), Paul Herron ( Kevin’s father), and Holley Herron (wife of Kevin.) Unfortunately, none of the passengers survived the crash. 


The aircraft was destined to reach Drake Field situated in Fayetteville. However, it didn’t make it on Friday night, and around 9 PM, the Cirrus SR-22 suffered an unfortunate crash. Authorities started looking for the plane after being informed by Fort Smith Airport that they had lost complete contact with the small aircraft. The employees at the airport control room were trying to help the pilot safely land the plane at the Drake Field when the connection was lost suddenly. The brutal impact of the plane wreck left no survivors and entirely demolished the flight.

Importance of insurance lawyers


As we keep the Herron family in our prayers, we wish no such demise on any other family.  Unfortunately, no one survived the Arkansas plane crash. However, with the help of a capable insurance claim lawyer, the rest can claim the insurance on several grounds. Hiring a personal Injury lawyer can provide significant financial relief under such a crisis. The insurance claimed by these lawyers helps you cover the loss of life, property damage, and so on. 


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