The world’s tallest swing ride in Orlando, Florida, witnessed a young worker’s death doing his daily safety check. The 21 year old man named Jacob David Kaminsky made his way up to the swing placed at a 450-foot height from the ground and fell while reaching just halfway through. The unprecedented and shocking incident has left both the company officials and the public alert vigilant. Orange County Fire Rescue took hold of the situation and ran a preliminary investigation. The safety inspection records of this popular tourist attraction do not hold prior records of breaking the law. As of now, the swing ride is closed for further notice. The extent to which such an unexpected tragic event affects a person’s life is immense, and people should always quip themselves to face similar circumstances. The least and most important step that can be taken from our side is to contact an insurance lawyer and claim your insurance benefits.

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How can an insurance claims lawyer help you?


The heartbreaking death of Kaminsky might have affected his family in unexplainable ways. Due to the unpredictable nature of our living conditions, such incidents can occur time after time. As a precautionary step, many of the citizens might have registered to an insurance policy according to their requirements. Even then, the situations can turn hostile if the concerned authorities do not comply with the insurance claims. That’s when the aid of an insurance claims denial lawyer can come in handy. Many specializations and subcategories covered under the insurance claims list, and a professionally qualified lawyer with commendable experience in insurance-related cases can guide you in the right way. If you are involved in an accident, you have all the rights to stand for yourself and claim your insurance benefits if denied through unethical practices. 


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The law applies to all citizens who have an equal chance of claiming their rights. In case of incidents similar to the young man’s demise, as described above, the victim’s family has every right to claim insurance benefits. There are specialized insurance attorneys who can assist you with the personal complications of your case. has on board a set of skilled insurance claims attorneys who are readily available to take up your case and grant you the justice you deserve. If you are mainly dealing with a personal injury caused by accident, a personal injury attorney can help you in dealing with the legal side of such cases.


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