Anyone who has life insurance generally signs up for it in the hopes that their family members will receive a lump sum benefit when they are no longer around to provide financial support for them anymore.

The sad reality is though people have this expectation, life insurance companies often deny the money to family members for one reason or another. The truth is that insurers profit off denying claims and that is why they have a strong motivation to do it, whether their denial is justifiable or not. An insurance lawyer can come to a person’s aid if they are denied the right to the life insurance, they were originally promised they would receive.

If the insurer is unable to provide a valid reason for denying a person’s claim they may have acted in bad faith and a person may be eligible to make a legal claim against them and take them to court due to their inability to commit to their original contract that was agreed upon by both parties.

Common reasons for life insurance denial in Alaska

When a person loses a loved one who was also a major financial contributor in their home, they will need life insurance more than anything to help them with their finances. It is already exceedingly difficult to try and deal with the emotional loss, the last thing anyone needs is to stress about the financial loss suffered as well.

Some common reasons that an insurer may reject a person’s claim include:

  • The person passed on during the contestability period.
  • Certain premiums were missed, or they are not up to date
  • A beneficiary was not mentioned
  • The person passed on due to a cause that is not covered by the insurance policy
  • Lack of information disclosure

No matter what reason a person has their claim denied in Alaska they should discuss their situation with an insurance lawyer to see what options they have available and to gauge what steps should next be taken to make sure that a person gets access to the money that is rightfully theirs.

The method through which a person faces their end plays a significant role in whether they are eligible or receive life insurance or not. Whether a person passed on due to a car accident or due to old age, their policy will mention whether the cause makes them eligible for their claim or not. Since insurance policies can be lengthy and confusing a person should request the help of a qualified lawyer to determine whether they are entitled to refute the insurance claim denial or whether there are other legal avenues they can pursue to get their deserved settlement.

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