In Alaska, the penalties for failing to have proper car insurance are serious. All drivers are expected to carry proof of insurance every time they drive around in their vehicles. If a driver can not prove to officers that they are insured, they are subject to facing the following penalties:

  • A 90-day license suspension for a first-time offense
  • A 1-year license suspension for a second-time offense
  • 6 points on one’s driving record
  • Possible impounding of one’s vehicle

Apart from facing legal repercussions for not following the law and being properly insured, a person will also be left to figure out a way to pay for all their medical bills and property damage on their own. If the other driver decides to press charges, then a person may also have to deal with paying for their losses alongside everything else.

How much is the minimum insurance requirement for drivers in Alaska?


The minimum insurance requirement for drivers in Alaska is $25,000 in property damage liability, $50,000 of bodily injury, and $100,000 of total bodily injury per accident. Once again, this is just the bare minimum to save a person from legal penalties.

It is always best to have more insurance and an insurance lawyer who is familiar with the numbers in the area can inform a person on what insurance package they should select to help them most if they ever get into an accident. Personal, collision, and comprehensive coverage are all additional-but not mandatory- types of insurance every driver should inquire about to be covered fully in the case of an accident.

The total amount of an insurance premium is determined based on a list of factors. The type of the vehicle one is attempting to insure, the number of miles driven regularly, the geographic location of the insurance carrier, and whether the vehicle is used for business purposes are all considered. Other factors that significantly affect one’s premium is their previous driving record and how long they have been driving. Drivers with traffic violations and prior accidents will almost always have to pay a larger premium-rate monthly.

How can I get a cheap yet effective insurance premium?


To get a premium that not only covers all of one’s needs but is also affordable as well, a person should make sure they ask the insurer about any available discounts. They should also compare quotes with different companies and speak with a lawyer to determine what coverage is extra. Any extra coverage should be eliminated to avoid having to pay more than necessary.


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