Upon choosing which insurance carrier you are going to entrust to pay your claims in the event an accident arises or your home is in need of repairs, there are certain warnings to look out for that insurance claim denial attorneys in Norfolk, Massachusetts believe you should be aware of. While there are numerous insurance agencies available, some even providing you with the convenience of purchasing several types of policies under “one roof,” there are those small, private agencies who claim they can get your monthly premium lowered if your purchase your policy through them. And wile some may in fact be legitimate, others are simply trying to take hold of your hard-earned money for themselves.

One warning denied insurance claims lawyers in Norfolk bring to you is to choose wisely in who you decide to hire as your insurance agent as it can be quite detrimental in the event you need the benefits and they aren't available. The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts highlighted two cases of agent fraud that were recently recognized back in March. They involved agents employed by a private insurance agency who were committing acts of fraud rather than seeing to it the insurance claims filed were in fact forwarded to the appropriate carriers in order for payment to be received and coverage to be provided.

Paul Disidoro took hold of approximately $470,000 from his clients.

The first case involved Paul Disidoro who ran his own insurance business in Massachusetts from 2007 through 2010, but it wasn't until 2015 when he was found guilty of tax evasion after stealing approximately $470,000 from three of his clients. The money he kept rather than reported to the appropriate insurance carrier was used for his own personal benefit rather than providing the protection these consumers believed they were getting. In the event one of his clients would have filed a claim, there is no doubt they would receive a denial notice as opposed to a reimbursement check seeing that their premium was actually going into the pockets of their insurance salesman.

The victims realized their policy was inactive when they filed a claim.

Insurance claim dispute legal representatives in Norfolk, Massachusetts shed light on yet another case involving an agent committing fraud. A Somerville insurance agent was guilty of providing false insurance benefits as he was cashing in his client's insurance premiums and failing “to remit payments to the corresponding carriers.” Two of his clients realized something wasn't right when their policies “were not in force” although they had paid their monthly premiums on time. The salesman never reported the payments to the appropriate insurance carrier, hence, their claims were denied.

Norfolk, Massachusetts denied insurance benefits attorneys urge all individuals that whenever you choose to purchase a policy through a private company or individual, be certain they are placing your money in the appropriate pockets, and that your coverage is in fact active in the event you need it. We rely heavily on our insurance and it is important that it is available to you during a time of need.