As opportunity arises, it seems more and more individuals are turning to Uber and Lyft to earn a little extra cash in their pockets. However, there are some underlying concerns that many individuals have yet to consider before jumping into working for the transportation network companies (TNC). Insurance claim denial lawyers in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania share with you some things the Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner, Teresa Miller, suggests you do if you are planning on working for either company, or already do.

As you know, Uber and Lyft have taken over the transportation industry as they allow individuals to take part in a “taxi-like” service all the while making a little extra money. While it may be appealing to you to take part in this new up and coming form of transportation, you are going to want to consult with your auto insurance company to ensure you have “adequate coverage” for you, as well as the passengers who will have inside your vehicle.

Although Uber and Lyft have been given the green light to operate all across the state of Pennsylvania, with the exception of Philadelphia, with the ways in which insurance is being modified, the insurance commissioner believes that if you fail to look into your policy, or purchase one that provides adequate coverage as you work for a TNC, you may find there are gaps in your coverage. While the companies themselves do in fact provide some sort of coverage to the driver, it is typically the motorist's responsibility to purchase the appropriate policy that will cover an accident in the event one arises.

Not only do insurance claim dispute attorneys in Pittsburg recommend looking into the stipulations that may have been set in your policy, but also to contact an insurance adjuster where they can thoroughly scan through your policy to ensure the one you have chosen will in fact apply to any sort of accident as you provide your services with a TNC. The last thing you want to deal with while trying to earn some extra income is to have to pay out-of-pocket for medical expenses or damages in the event your auto insurer doesn't provide coverage for a collision.

Upon choosing an auto insurance policy that is suitable for you, it is important to assure all of your information provided to the adjuster is accurate. Many times coverage is in fact denied as the policy holder failed to supply their carrier with requested information.

Whether you have recently received a rejected insurance claim in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, or have been battling with your carrier because they deemed your claim as illegitimate, USAttorneys urges you to reach out to Goodrich and Associates, P.C. They work predominately with individuals who have incurred an accident and are in need of legal assistance. Not only can they provide you with advice, but also legal representation if your insurer continues to neglect to pay for the viable claim you sent in.