Don’t Negotiate With An Insurance Adjuster Before You Consult An Insurance Claims Attorney

An insurance dispute in Arizona will most likely require an insurance claims lawyer to resolve. Our Arizona insurance claims lawyers have loads of experience doing just this and have protected many people who have had their insurance claims wrongfully denied.

Insurance is essential these days, and has been for decades, and most of us have several types of insurance coverage such as auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and so on. Our health, livelihood, financial security, and the well-being of our families rely on insurance companies to come through as and when required. We trust these companies to act with utmost good faith when we need them most and understandably, we are taken aback when they do not.

In fact, the whole reason for having insurance coverage and paying insurance premiums is so that if and when we need to be compensated, the insurance company will have our back. Therefore, when an insurance company denies an insurance claim or when an insurance claim dispute arises, you may feel overwhelmed and not really know what to do or how to go about it.

You do not have to worry since our insurance claims lawyers, who can be found on which is a magnificent website that has brought many lives out of the brink by enabling them find the legal assistance they needed at that time, have plenty of experience representing people who have been in similar predicaments in Arizona. They have an excellent track record in successfully appealing denied insurance claims and ensure that the victim receives the money that he or she rightfully deserves.


How a legal pro can help


The first step that a legal counselor would take after is to study your insurance policy, the incident that you were involved in, and from which the insurance claim is arises. Then he or she will determine whether or not the claim is valid and then you know if you have a case on your hands on not.

Secondly, provided that you have a strong claim, the insurance claims legal professional will go ahead and file what is known as an appeal to challenge the insurer’s denial.

In the unlikely event that the appeals process does not bear any fruit then the legal representative might have any other option but to file a bad faith claim in civil court against the insurance company.

An insurance adjustor may approach you on behalf of the insurer and will likely offer you an amount as a settlement. However, once you accept this settlement, you will not be able to take the case to court. It is most likely that the amount offered is less compared to what you could actually get if you filed a lawsuit and had a legal pro working for you.

Therefore, to be on the safe side it is always prudent to first consult with a legal pro who will be able to extrapolate what your claim is worth. The first meeting is free. You have nothing to lose by calling up a legal counselor in the insurance claims field which you do via as already touched upon.

If you have any concerns, you can use our contact form to reach out to us and one of our outstanding representatives will call you back.

Legal help is right around the virtual corner!