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Destructive Wildfires In California Have Burned Through Acres

The western coast of America is engulfed in flames. Among other…
September 9, 2020/by Justin Arias

4 Family Members Dead In Arkansas Plane Crash

The news of a plane crash always fills our hearts with fear and…
September 9, 2020/by Justin Arias

Stay Safe And Sound During The Fire Outbreak In Arizona

Arizona, USA, has encountered over 1900 wildfires around 3rd…
September 8, 2020/by Justin Arias

Forceful Evictions And Crippling Economy Leaves Alaskans Unhoused

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, life has proved to become rigid…
September 8, 2020/by Justin Arias

Woman Missing After Accident at Oliver Lock And Dam: Search Continues

In a tragic accident on Tuesday evening, a young woman's boat…
September 3, 2020/by Justin Arias

Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers and Insurance Claims Attorneys Frequently Asked Questions

September 3, 2020/by Justin Arias

Large truck flips over and blocks traffic near Tallahassee

Driving a commercial vehicle such as a truck for long distances…
August 27, 2020/by brian

Iowa school teacher dies after being hit by a careless driver

After a family member dies in a car collision, it is possible…
August 26, 2020/by brian

Nashville driver is killed during a head-on crash on Old Hickory Boulevard

The impact from two vehicles driving straight into each other…
August 26, 2020/by brian

Boca Raton nursing homes urged to emphasize safety as coronavirus numbers drop

Nursing homes in Palm Beach County and Boca Raton still remained…
August 26, 2020/by brian

Bal Harbour, Florida, Police Identify Potential Suspect Involved in Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident

Mami-Dade police officers are looking for a 24-year-old woman…
August 25, 2020/by jennifer

Over 100 mph Winds Gusts in Alaska

Several thousand residences and offices were left without power…
August 25, 2020/by peter