Artificial Intelligence is Expected to Improve Customer Experience with Insurance, But How?

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One thing many individuals can agree upon is that it rarely is a rewarding experience when dealing with an insurance company. Some wind up frustrated while others are left feeling helpless and unsure as to what they should do in regards to getting their claim settled. Because the insurance claims process is much like it was years ago, there is a need for improvement in the industry that would make filing a claim less stressful to the consumer and even faster to get it processed.


That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into the picture.


According to Forbes, AI is expected to help improve the claims process so that it is easier on consumers. Let’s say you filed a car accident claim for damage done to your vehicle. Before the implementation of AI, your claim would generally touch the hands of multiple employees. Obviously, it can take days or even weeks before your claim makes it onto the right desk where it is eventually processed. But, with AI, a new process would be adopted where your claim is no longer passed through the hands of working insurance agents, rather, it would become a “touchless” claims process. This process “uses artificial intelligence and other technology to report the claim, capture damage, audit the system, and communicate with the customer.”


Sounds simple enough, right? No more dealing with a disgruntled insurance agent or someone who simply doesn’t want to listen to the concerns you have.


Another benefit of having AI handle the claims process is that it can “also fight against one of the costliest elements of the insurance industry: fraudulent claims.” Individuals who scam the system and attempt to file fraudulent claims cost the industry more than $40 billion a year. Rather than having an actual person “comb through” each claim in hopes of identifying any inaccuracies, AI algorithms will be able to identify patterns in the data that would stand out as fraudulent.

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But, until AI takes over handling the claims, customers will still be required to work with insurance agents and adjusters in hopes of getting their claim filed, processed, or receive help with an impeding issue. And as you know, this isn’t always easy to do. There are times where your insurance company is willing to work with you and process your claim, and then there are the times where they are noncompliant and make the claims process a nightmare to get through.

Therefore, if you are experiencing an issue with your auto insurance company or even your homeowner’s insurance carrier, the Watertown, NY insurance claim dispute attorneys at Stanley Law will look into the matter for you and determine a course of action that can be taken to address the problem. If you recently filed a claim for damage done to your vehicle or home, you are likely waiting for a payout of some sort so you can carry on with your life.

If you want help in addressing the current issue you are dealing with, contact the Watertown insurance attorneys at this firm now by calling 1-800-608-3333 and get your consultation scheduled.

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