Mami-Dade police officers are looking for a 24-year-old woman who they believe is connected to a hit-and-run crash that occurred in Bal Harbour Saturday evening. Officers are also searching for a 2018 Kia Optima with the license plate IYY-158 as it may have been the vehicle involved in the accident that occurred at the 10000 block of Collins Avenue. The vehicle likely has damage to the front of it as well as the front windshield.

Officials say the driver of the vehicle hit 14-year-old Ethan Gordon while he was riding his bike across the pedestrian crosswalk.  The vehicle failed to stop and render aid which is a violation of Florida law. Gordon was air rescued to Ryder Trauma Center where he later passed away from his injuries. Although police did not disclose how 24-year-old Luisa Fernanda Ahearn is connected to the crash, they believe she is a person of interest.


Involved in a hit-and-run accident in Fort Lauderdale or Miami?


If you are seeking justice and closure for the hit-and-run accident you were involved in, you are going to want to contact Madalon Law. In the event the hit-and-run driver was identified following the crash, you need to understand that the criminal charges he/she will likely be faced with will not provide you with the financial relief you might be needing to cover things like hospital visits, surgery, therapy, and more. In order to obtain compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and more, you are going to need to file a personal injury lawsuit.

When a hit-and-run accident victim in FL decides to file a personal injury lawsuit, they are recognizing another person or entity for causing the accident. Under most circumstances, a victim must be able to prove that the individual they believe caused the accident engaged in negligent behavior when it occurred. For example, let’s say a driver was speeding down A1A and struck a pedestrian as he/she was crossing the road. If the driver was aware they hit the pedestrian but continued to drive without stopping to render aid or call for help, they could be sued for damages.

“Damages” is the legal term used to refer to the financial relief a victim is awarded in a personal injury case. 

Now, if believe you are entitled to compensation for your injuries/losses and would like to receive an estimate for what your case might be worth, the Fort Lauderdale, FL accident attorneys at Madalon Law are qualified and capable of providing you with this and much more.


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