Do You Need To Talk To An Insurance Claims Attorney In California?

Holding an insurance policy is essential these days. In fact, we usually have multiple insurance policies for different purposes such as life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, etc. In order to be able to keep these policies valid and going, we pay a lot of money over the long term in the form of insurance premiums.

Despite having chosen an insurance policy carefully, and having paid your premiums on time and without fault in order to keep your policy from expiring, if the time comes that you need to make an insurance claim and it is denied, then understandably, it can be very daunting indeed. No one likes being rejected!

You need that money!

However, what you must know, is that in California, not unlike in other states of the country, a few insurance companies may deny your insurance claim for no valid reason. They do this in order to save money and maximize their own profits. Even if California punishes businesses for being in their state in the form of high taxes and irrational regulation this is not any reason for an insurance company to hold back a payout if you deserve it.

The problem is that most Californians simply become disheartened when their claim is denied and a few of them even give up.

According to California insurance claims lawyers, who can be found on which is a website that exudes oxygen to so many people who need it on a weekly basis because they are looking at a financial calamity, who have seen tons of such cases, the state law in California allows for you to appeal your denied insurance claim so that you can have the denial dismissed and actually receive the money you deserve.


Life insurance denied in bad faith?


In fact, insurance companies denying their customers an insurance claim are such a common occurrence that there is actually a term for it, which is “insurance in bad faith”. Our legal pros know exactly how to deal with insurance in bad faith cases. They have extensive experience and the expertise to deal with such cases on a regular basis.

When it comes to life insurance in particular, it can be the only saving grace for our families from extreme financial hardship if and when we pass away. It is terribly unfair if your life insurance claim is denied by an insurance provider. Has something like this happened to you or someone you know? The good news is that you can set things right! Call our California insurance claims legal representatives right away to begin working on your appeal.

You can use, as already mentioned, for this very purpose via our interactive map.


Insurance in bad faith litigation


In the unlikely event that the process of appeal does not bear any fruit, then our attorneys will ensure to escalate the case to the next level, which is a civil court. Even in this regard, our sagacious legal representatives know what it takes to initiate a lawsuit against an insurance claims company and actually win.

Talk to a California insurance claims legal professional today to navigate you through the process of appealing your denial all the way from step one until the time you receive your insurance claim.    

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