If an insurance company is giving you the run around after you have submitted a valid claim against a paid up homeowner’s policy in Largo Florida, contact an attorney who may be more aggressive with state law to support a conversation to get them to reverse a denial.

Claim denial.

Sometimes a homeowner’s insurance policy claim for repair is denied even though the policy outlines coverages for the repair. While insurance is mandatory in Florida when a homeowner has a mortgage, sometimes the coverage amounts are not comprehensive enough to cover the full value of the home and its contents.  Insurance companies deny claims for a variety of reasons, and sometimes they might be legitimate ones that can be re-submitted and returned with a favorable decision to pay the claim.  Legitimate reasons for a denial might include:

  • There was a mistake on the application.
  • Lack of coverage:
  • The policy doesn’t cover the damages you are seeking.
  • The claim was not filed correctly.
  • Policy had modifications after the claim was filed.
  • If you misrepresent your true damages.

Simple fix?

Addressing insurance denials is sometimes very easy to do as it may be something as minor as a name spelling or a transposed address number that keeps the claim from being processed.  Once a policy holder makes a simple correction and re-submits the claim it should yield a successful result.  There are times when an attorney may be necessary, especially if the company is denying a claim for damages that are clearly covered within the policy language and all payments for the coverage are up to date.  A policy holder can try to deal with the insurance company directly but hiring an attorney, who may have a better understanding of the insurance industry who can fight for your consumer rights may have stronger arguments to the insurance provider that will resolve any discrepancies and reverse the denied claim.  Largo Florida homeowners should know how to make a complaint when their insurance company does not pay on time or as expected, based on the terms of the policy.  Denial of legitimate claims on a paid-up policy could be an incident of consumer fraud which is actionable in court.

Report to insurance commission.

If a denied claim situation cannot be settled between the parties of the contract, then legal action will be based on Florida’s Insurance Rates and Contracts Statute. Insurance policies are a contract between the insured party and the provider, so when a dispute about questions of coverage, or denial of legitimate claims comes up, the state contract laws will support arguments for your case. Contract law governs most of insurance dispute proceedings. An insurance company should offer fair compensation in a timely manner and may not “low-ball” offers of settlement or delay payment. Insurance companies have certain clauses in their contracts that are specific to their needs, and not always seen in general contract law but an experienced attorney can help you to navigate your way through the information in the policy.  Keep open lines of communication with your insurance company and let them know your concerns.  Written correspondence is best in the event you need to show the timeline of your actions and requests.

Hire an attorney.

If you find yourself in an insurance dispute arising out of a claim for home repairs, contact the Law Offices of Trevena,  Pontrello & Associates for assistance in resubmitting a claim in the hopes of a denial reversal in Largo Florida.

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