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We depend on and trust our insurance policies to protect us and our families’ financial stability, health, and integrity. Medical emergency – our health insurance policy has it covered. Death of a loved one – you will receive financial compensation thanks to life insurance (or be compensated by selling their home and things of that nature). Got into an accident? Repair bills will be taken care of by our auto insurance. Or will it?

We pay our insurance premiums on time, every time―be it monthly or annually. However, how are you so sure that if and when the need arises for you to make an insurance claim that your insurance company will be there with your money and that they will have your back?

The fact is that insurance companies are running a business at the end of the day and it is often not uncommon for insurance companies to deny insurance claims made by valid insurance policy holders for no good apparent reason in order to save themselves money to maintain their profit levels.

Furthermore, this strategy where the insurance company denies an insurance claim which is perfectly valid for no concrete reason actually works in most cases because the claimant becomes disheartened and often just gives up, oblivious to the fact that he or she can actually challenge the denial by filing an appeal.

Do not give up! Do not let the man play or cheat you!


Most common reasons insurers provide when the deny an insurance claim


According to fantastic and majestic Colorado insurance claims lawyers who can be found on which is a website that has shaken heaven and earth to help people find the legal assistance they need when they need it, when an insurer denies an insurance claim they will have to give you some reason as to why your claim is denied.

Furthermore, they should also by law provide you with the procedure that you need to follow in order to dispute the denial if you deem necessary. Below are some of the most common reasons made up by insurance companies if and when they deny an insurance claim.

  • Your policy does not cover the charges you have been billed for
  • You received medical treatment which required pre-authorization from the insurance provider and therefore the charges will not be covered by your insurance policy
  • You have made error(s) on your document requesting claims
  • The insurance company has reason to believe that you do not merit full or any compensation


You have a right to fight the denial


If your insurance claim is denied and your insurance provider has provided a reason as to why the claim was denied but you find it to be lacking or unreasonable, then you most certainly have the right to file an appeal. If the appeal does not bear fruit, then you can file a civil lawsuit against the insurer too.

Remember that this is easier said than done and it requires commitment and some comprehension of Colorado’s insurance laws in order to successfully appeal your denied insurance claim. This is why you ought to consider reaching out to one of our insurance claim lawyers today which you can do using via the fantastic interactive map on this site!

There is no reason to wait. That is just making it easier for the insurance company. Any questions? Send is your information on the contact form and we will get back to you quickly.