New Haven, CT – Governor Dannel P. Mallory says that while it is too soon to tell if Hurricane Irma will affect Connecticut, it is not too soon to prepare.

The Connecticut Governor joined city officials at New Haven’s Emergency Operations Center for a press conference this past Tuesday. New Haven Independent reports that the Governor urged residents to download an emergency app called CTPrepares on their phones in order to stay up-to-date with hurricane information.

Mallory told the conference that the time to plan for a hurricane is not when it has already started, but instead way beforehand. He said that emergency first responders prepare for these situations, and are ready for a worst-case scenario if need be.

He furthered shared that Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey are “reminders of us to be prepared in case of disaster.”

Since becoming governor, Connecticut has had six disaster declarations. Mallory says that following their experience with Hurricane Sandy, Irene, and snowstorms, they have tirelessly worked in order to make sure the city is able to handle emergency situations.

Aside from downloading the state’s emergency app, Mallory also recommended that residents have a kit of basic supplies in their home. He suggested that people also double check their insurance policies in order to make sure flood coverage is included in their home insurance.

The state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection commissioner, Dora Schriro, echoed the above sentiment by stating that it is important to “know where the evacuation routes are” throughout New Haven.

New Haven is also creating a game plan in the event Hurricane Irma does end up impacting Connecticut. The city’s emergency operations director, Rick Fontana, named three forms of preparation that can keep you safe during a hurricane. These include: registering with New Haven’s Everbridge system in order to make sure you get emergency alerts, having an emergency evacuation plan, and preparing an emergency hurricane kit.

Fontana says to not “wait for that plan as the hurricane is coming in.” Instead, he emphasized the importance of staying informed and making sure you are able to receive emergency alerts.

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