The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on restaurants and bars in Iowa after all were required to stop operations or limit the services they offered. With little to no revenue coming in, many began making the necessary modifications needed to offer the services the government still permitted (i.e. curbside takeout, delivery, and alcohol to-go). While these services allowed for business owners to generate some sort of revenue, it just wasn’t enough.

We Are Iowa spoke with business owner McConville who said that his bars and restaurants in Iowa initially received a lot of support from local community members after stay-at-home orders were issued but about two weeks in, business began to die down. While he acknowledged that the sale of alcohol to-go did give his business a boost, he wasn’t bringing in enough to cover the bills.

McConville also told the news source that his insurer wasn’t covering his business interruption claims.

Aside from struggling with the decline in revenue, McConville told the news source that neither his standard insurance policy nor his business interruption coverage was covering the loss of revenue his businesses suffered. He added that business interruption insurance wasn’t covering restaurants because they “all have these little pandemic clauses.”

McConville is the current owner of Gusto Pizza, Juniper Moon, and El Guapo’s Tequila and Taco, all located in the Des Moines area. 


Are you a business owner in Iowa who is struggling to get their COVID-19 business interruption claims covered?


If you answered yes, now would be a good time to get an Iowa insurance claims denial lawyer involved. The reality is, dozens of business owners in Iowa have been left with no choice but to contact an insurance claims attorney as their insurer has made it clear to them that they aren’t going to pay their COVID-19 claims. While some companies have been recognized for denying business interruption claims even when a claimant has an “all-risk” policy, others are denying claims without ever conducting an investigation, which is something they are required to do.

So, if your insurer failed to conduct a thorough investigation before denying your claim or is arguing that you do not have coverage, an Iowa insurance claims denial attorney can intervene and determine what can be done to get the issue resolved. In the event your insurance carrier isn’t looking to resolve the issue, then it may be necessary that you file a lawsuit against your insurer. In your lawsuit, you not only have the right to ask that your insurer provide you with the coverage you are due, but you can also request that damages be awarded for the trouble your insurer has put your through.

If you would like to get connected with an Iowa insurance claims denial lawyer in your city now, contact

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