The western coast of America is engulfed in flames. Among other western states and towns, California has witnessed massive property destruction, relocation, and harmful wildfires. The creek fire started on Friday, September 4th, at 6:44 PMin the big creek drainage area. 5-6 days later, the fire is still at zero percent contained and burning through acres of ground. With all the property destruction caused by the fires, personal injury lawyers will have a lot of claims to cover. 


California and the creek fire


With warmer temperatures and the presence of dry fuels, California is especially susceptible to wildfire every year. To the extent that the state has a fire season that runs from May to October.  2020 has seen the golden government pushing through electricity shortages, pandemic, and now, creek fire. The California National Guard has been attempting to rescue people, and Monday night, the guard achieved success and saved more than 360 people and six dogs.


Since Friday, the creek fire burned through 152,000 acres with no foreseeable containment of the fire. The bobcat fire continues to rage in the east of Los Angeles in the Angeles National Forest with a possibility of further damage by the predicted high winds. So far, collectively, the fires have caused eight fatalities and more than 3,300 structures. 


The conditions in the other western states are no different, and insurance claims are bound to rise once the fires are contained. As such, the need for insurance attorneys will be on an all-time high in the coming months. 

Wildfires and insurance claims


After a destructive wildfire, people are trying to find an insurance lawyer to help them with their damage claims. In 2020, this rate is going to reach the astronomical range because of the extensive damage. Several commercial buildings, homes, and government buildings have burned to the ground in the last few days. 


More damage means more insurance claims. Many insurance companies will try to find a way to bypass the obligation of having to pay the claims. If this happens, file a claim denial suit and look to hire an insurance claim denial lawyer


Hiring the best insurance claim lawyer


When it comes to getting compensation for the damages after a natural disaster, you need the best insurance lawyer to back up your claim and help you secure it. is the place where you can find experienced lawyers specialized in personal injury, insurance claims, and accidents. Head to to find the best lawyer for your insurance claims. 

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