Hurricanes are known for their destructive ability to cause significant amounts of damage to one’s vehicles and homes. Life is already full of expenses without a natural storm coming in the way to cause even more financial losses by wrecking a person’s home exterior or business structures. The good news is a person can generally have their damages covered through their home insurance plane.

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking their insurance will automatically cover all the damage they suffered due to the hurricane, but this is not the case. The insurance company will only cover that which was originally agreed upon with the policy was signed. In many cases, homeowners misread the print and they feel like something is covered when, in reality; it is not.

This is why it is essential to have an insurance attorney representing oneself from when they first sign up for their insurance. The damage a hurricane can cause should not be taken lightly, and a person should make sure they take the correct legal steps to ensure their property is properly protected if such a disaster ever occurs.

Once the hurricane hits, a person will have to file an insurance claim so they can have the damages repaired without having to pay for them through their own picket. A person should get in touch with their insurance attorney to get as much information as they can regarding their policy and how much time they have to file their claim.

They should then record any damage that occurred by taking pictures and videos of it. Any urgent repairs that threaten the safety of residents should be taken care of immediately. Individuals should keep any receipts they collect while having the repairs done. The better a person is at recording everything, the easier the process will become for them.

Mistakes to avoid when making an insurance claim in Louisiana

When filing an insurance claim, a person should avoid delaying the process. The sooner they make the claim, the easier it is to prove the damage was caused by the hurricane and not due to some other factor.

A person should also avoid accepting any settlement offer made by the company without first consulting with a legal professional. It can be tempting to quickly agree to any amount offered by the insurance company because most individuals want access to the money as soon as possible. However, this is not a wise decision as a person may get the settlement sooner, but they will generally get a much lower amount than what they are entitled to receive based on their insurance policy.

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