Jackson, MS – As of today, Mississippi officials are still waiting to see what Hurricane Irma does in the next coming days before deciding on a course of action.

Mississippi New Now reports that the state is prepared for hurricane season and will have all eyes on the massive storm as it continues to strengthen in the Atlantic. Calling it a “killer storm,” the Executive Director for the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, Lee Smithson, says it will be devastating wherever Hurricane Irma hits, and that “everyone in the Gulf Coast needs to watch this and take it very seriously.”

After a call with the National Weather Service, Smithson says Governor Bryant understands it is still too soon to declare a state of emergency in Mississippi. In order to avoid residents not taking the next hurricane seriously, they don’t want people to evacuate unless they are “at least 80 percent” certain it will hit.

This Thursday is when they plan to see a more detailed forecast for Hurricane Irma’s path. According to Smithson, if the storm enters the Gulf and threatens to hit Mississippi, it would likely do so during the middle of next week. He says, “We’ve got really 8-10 days to watch this storm and understand what we’re going to do.”

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But it is not too early to prepare for Hurricane Irma. If 2005’s Hurricane Katrina taught us anything, it is that it is incredibly important if wind or floods were responsible for home damages. After Katrina, insurance companies were accused of changing reports in Mississippi to say damage was caused by storm surges and not wind. Why? Because most homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage from wind – but not water.

If you have flood, wind, or any other hurricane damage and your insurance claim was denied, then it is important to understand you have rights. The insurance claims attorneys at The Heilman Law Group want you to be prepared for when a storm hits so insurance companies cannot take advantage of you.

Is your hurricane damage a flood claim or a wind claim? 

Hurricanes that have excessive wind and flooding can severely damage your property. Strong winds can cause roof damage by causing trees or other objects to crash into your property; this can then cause even more damage by allowing water to enter your home.

Wind-related water damage is where things get tricky. Wind damage is usually covered in homeowner’s insurance policies, including if the wind damage causes an opening in the structure and allows water in. Mississippi insurance companies will try to deny your insurance claim by arguing that your hurricane damage is not covered because the wind did not cause an opening. However, this does not mean they will have the last word.

When can insurers deny my insurance claim?

Insurers cannot deny your insurance claim for water damage if:

  • You purchased additional coverage for flood damage.
  • Water damage was caused by hail or rain that leaked through an opening in your roof or wall.
  • Damage was not caused by what your homeowner’s insurance policy defines as a “flood.”

Can an insurance claims attorney in Jackson help?

Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane is stressful enough without trying to understand the technical language of insurance policies. Before settling for a lower settlement than what you deserve, contact insurance claims lawyers in Mississippi who can help. The Jackson insurance claims lawyers at the Heilman Law Group, PA, will work help you get the recovery you deserve.