Many parts of the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida are in flooding zones due to their proximity to the ocean and other bodies of water. Weather events such as hurricanes and rainstorms make it likely that these areas will experience some amount of water related damage each year. 

The city’s government has dedicated part of their website to flooding and flood insurance to provide information to consumers and homeowners. 

Local government posts information related to floods and how to prepare

The flood risk information page is divided into sections about who needs insurance, and related issues that may happen if the area experiences a flood. 

The city maintains Flood Insurance Rate Maps to detail the risk related to any individual piece of property or land. They are also meant to be used to assist engineers and architects in urban planning to prevent the likelihood that an area will experience significant amounts of water related damage. Local governments can use these maps as well to make planning decisions for the city. 

The section on buying insurance tells property owners that they must maintain a food policy on homes zoned in special flood hazard areas and financed by a mortgage or government program. Owners of properties outside of these areas, but within the city limits, still may purchase flood policies if they choose to do so. The flood insurance manual that is created by FEMA and updated annually contains more information about this process. 

Mitigation of flooding is also an important part of this aspect of emergency and risk management. Both at the level of government and individual property owners, certain steps can be taken to minimize the damage caused by a flood when it occurs. In addition to homes and private property, the local government also takes steps to mitigate damage to the environment and infrastructure.  

Insurance claim denials

Despite all of this planning and the high costs of flood insurance, it is possible that the company that provides the coverage will be unwilling to pay after a disaster. This is extremely frustrating for a property owner, as it will seem like money spent paying for the policy was wasted.

Insurance companies do sometimes make mistakes or act in bad faith when denying claims. This can be due to an honest mistake or an attempt to save money by paying out fewer claims. However, consumers are put in a difficult situation when this happens because they will have the burden of making appeals and going through lots of paperwork to contest the denial. It is recommended to have a professional handle this process. 

Get assistance after problems with an insurance company

Some attorneys dedicate their entire practice to assisting people who need to battle insurance companies for proper payments. If you have recently had a claim denied or any other issues, contact a local lawyer through

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