During the Covid-19 pandemic, many have struggled to be in good shape, but if we talk about the recovery industry, they have expanded their services to satisfy the need. On Monday, September 14, AspenRidge Recovery is opening a new location in Colorado Springs. This will be their second new location since the start of summer. They presently have four physical locations in Colorado.


Telehealth Therapy – “REACH”


AspenRidge Recovery thought of opening the two new locations at the beginning of the year before the pandemic. While the physical areas were delayed because of the pandemic, despite everything, they began their telehealth services, called REACH, in February. REACH is accessible for both serious outpatient and outpatient treatment. Werner, Chief Operating Officer of AspenRidge, says that Telehealth is the way of the future in terms of giving access to everybody. 


Achramowicz, the lead clinician, said that they will give intensive outpatient services in Colorado Springs, which includes group therapy meetings, where they can have up to 12 patients in the room at once, while still taking care of the health guidelines. Achramowicz also said that there had been a 30% increase in those who are struggling with mental health issues and substance-related issues. The three substances that are commonly abused in Colorado Springs are opioids, methamphetamine, and alcohol.


As indicated by a survey from The Omni Institute, situated in Denver, 65% of respondents said telehealth treatment has been “useful” or “very accommodating.” 95% of people reported that they had not consumed drugs or liquor in the past few weeks. The report included information from 534 members getting treatment at 14 offices, and the review was about the effects of COVID-19 on addiction and recovery.

Healthcare Workers in Florida Say Their COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Claims are Being Rejected


Finding the best clients


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