Life insurance policies are often purchased by individuals seeking to protect their loved ones in the case they are no longer around to take care of them, themselves. Though most individuals sign up for life insurance for this very reason, what they do not know or realize is that there is a significant chance the insurance company may refuse to give life insurance to their loved ones.

Losing a loving family member who was also a major financial provider is a devasting loss, and family members should not have to suffer the additional shock of not receiving the life insurance they were originally certain they would receive if such an event ever arose. Anyone who is denied access to life insurance should call an insurance lawyer in Miami, Florida to help them get access to the funds that rightfully belong to them.

The reason why families are encouraged to call an attorney when dealing with such cases is because of how complicated life insurance is. Life insurance policies are always very lengthy and can be quite complex. There are various types of life insurance including:

  • Term life insurance
  • Cash-value life insurance
  • Universal life policies
  • Whole life insurance policies

Apart from understating the different values for the type of policy a person is dealing with, they also must communicate with the insurer in a legally appropriate way to ensure their claim is heard by the relevant authorities. An insurer will almost always try to limit their payout because this is how they make a profit. They have a financial incentive to refuse claims for the slightest discrepancies they may find.

When a person has legal professionals fighting for their rights on their side the insurer knows that they are serious and that they are willing to take matters to the court if the proper settlement amount is not granted in a reasonable time frame and this compels them to act more fairly and professionally.

Getting in touch with an insurance attorney in Miami, Florida


A lawyer can aid a person with getting access to their life insurance by advising and guiding them carefully through the application process. Insurers often decide not to give the settlement simply because their application process was not strictly followed. A lawyer can make sure no mistakes are made so a person gets their settlement without unnecessary delays.

An insurance lawyer can also assist a person in preparing an appeal of the denial of benefits and filing a lawsuit if the insurer fails to comply. They can also aid a person through the negotiation process, so a lump sum is agreed on that meets the needs of the applicant and is deemed appropriate by the insurer as well.

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