How Can I Protect My Home from the Winter Weather?

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When the winter season rolls around and the temperatures begin to drop, there are certain things homeowners in Dallas, TX need to be aware of in terms of protecting their house as the “ice, snow, and wind can have devastating consequences to your home” [Source: Insurance Information Institute]. The III recommends a few things you can begin doing now so that your property is safeguarded and is less likely to sustain any type of damage that the winter weather tends to cause. Some of the ways you can prepare your home include:


  1. Clean out your gutters. The III suggests that you “remove leaves, sticks and other debris from gutters, so melting snow and ice can flow freely.” When you do this, you reduce the chances of ice damming, “which is what happens when water is unable to drain through the gutters and instead seeps into the house causing water to drip from the ceiling and walls.” And the last thing any homeowner wants during the holiday times is to have to repair a leaky roof which can be costly and stressful if you’re hosting a holiday get together.


  1. Consider installing gutter guards. Gutter guards serve as a great way to “prevent debris from entering the gutter and interfering with the flow of water away from the house and into the ground.”


  1. Trim your trees and remove any dead branches you see. The III says that the ice, snow, and even the wind could cause your weak trees or the frail branches on them to break off which could result in them falling on someone walking by, onto your vehicle, or onto your home.


  1. Take some time to repair any steps or handrails that need to be fixed. “Broken stairs and banisters can become lethal when covered with snow and ice.”


  1. Go around your home and caulk any cracks or wall openings you see. By sealing these open areas, you reduce the chances of cool air and moisture from seeping in and the warm air from escaping.


The III also provides some tips on how you can prepare your home on the inside that will not only protect your home from damage but also keep you and your family warm this winter season. Some of these tips include:


  • Consider adding additional insulation to your attic, basement, or crawl spaces. The source says that if too much heat escapes through your attic, “it can cause snow or ice to melt on the roof.” This can result in the water refreezing which then leads to a build-up of ice. And as we mentioned before, this can cause ice dams.


  • Have your backup power source ready to go. Not only do power-outages occur in the spring and summer months when we get a significant amount of rain, but they can also occur in the winter time. And as you may already be aware, having your power go out when the temperatures are 31 degrees Fahrenheit and below can be very uncomfortable for you and your family.


  • Have your heating system serviced. The III recommends you do this at least once a year so that you prevent the chance of a fire breaking out and your home sustaining damage.


  • Consider installing an emergency pressure release valve in your plumbing system. As you know, when the temperatures begin to drop, it can cause your pipes to freeze up. Not only can this be frustrating, but it can also lead to them bursting. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, it might be a good idea to install this valve so that your pipes are less likely to burst.


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