Hurricane Irma caused a lot of Havoc in Georgia, Atlanta. Over 130,000 insurance claims have been made to make up for the damage that individuals suffered in their homes and their businesses. Also, roughly $670,000,000 has been laid out in insurance claim thus far.

Hurricane Irma resulted in a lot of flooding for local businesses and homes. Business owners lost their inventory and their employees were left without jobs and paychecks as well. Many business owners even had to file for bankruptcy because they had no financial means of fixing the massive amount of damage they had suddenly been faced with overnight.

Others didn’t lose their source of income, but they had quite a bit of damage done to their home. Some homeowners lost their entire place of residence and had to find a new place to accommodate themselves. There were many losses associated with hurricane Irma and anyone who has suffered because of this deadly storm does not have to suffer alone.

Making Insurance claims in order to get financial compensation

Individuals have the option of filing insurance claims for the losses they suffered. If they had homeowners insurance or business insurance then they will most likely be able to get back a fair sum of money in order to get their life back on track again. Before going straight ahead and calling an insurance company, it is always best to get in touch with an insurance claims attorney in Atlanta.

Insurance policies are often very complex and detailed. When a person tries to make a claim on their own, insurance companies often take advantage of their lack of knowledge and do any of the following:

  • Give lower estimates then they should
  • Take a long time to respond
  • Deny the claim altogether

It is always a smarter choice to have a qualified lawyer on one’s side so that the insurance company knows that it cannot simply walk away with the money which rightfully belongs to the victim.

If anyone has lost their home, a portion of their home, their income, or their business inventory because of hurricane Irma or any other large storm then they should get in touch with an insurance claims lawyer as soon as possible. An insurance claims lawyer can pressurize the insurance company to ensure they are following all of their policies according to the law. If the insurance company refuses to comply, then individuals can even choose to litigate and take legal action against the company for not holding true to the promise that it made to its client.

Getting one’s life back together again after a hurricane is already difficult enough on its own, the unexpected losses and sudden change in lifestyle can be very hard to adapt to. The last thing anyone needs is to have to struggle with fighting for compensation which is rightfully theirs. Everyone in such a situation should get in touch with an attorney today in order to receive the rightful compensation that they are entitled to.