How Much Damage is Hurricane Michael Expected to Cause?

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Many homeowners living on Florida’s Panhandle, in Alabama, and in Georgia, which are all on Hurricane Michael’s radar, may be wondering the answer is to this question.


It’s being called a “life-threatening” storm by Twitchy and CNN says it’s expected to be the “strongest hurricane to hit the Florida Panhandle in recorded history.” Hurricane Michael began building up in – and while many were under the impression that it would make landfall as a Category 1 or 2 hurricane, it quickly shifted gears and built up to be on the of more intense hurricanes we have seen this year. With nearly 4.2 million people now at risk of experiencing various levels of hurricane type weather, it is clear the storm is going to cause some significant damage.

With Hurricane Michael already making landfall with winds swirling around at 155 mph, there is no doubt this storm will cause catastrophic damage. CNN reported that Apalachicola should expect to see 14 feet of storm surge as well which will not only cause major destruction to the area, but could also result in some individuals sustaining injuries. Now, if you are looking for a breakdown as to just how much damage Hurricane Michael could potentially cause, below we highlight what a Category 4 hurricane and below can do based on information provided by


Category 4 Hurricane


According to, a Category 4 hurricane generally sustains winds anywhere between 130-156. As you can see, Hurricane Michael is right at the peak of what constitutes as a Category 4 hurricane. A hurricane with winds traveling at these speeds is likely to cause debris to fall and fly, which “poses a very high risk of injury or death to people, pets, and livestock.” Most mobile homes risk being destroyed, including those that are newly built. Homeowners might find that the frame of their home has collapsed while others that are newer may sustain damage to their roofs. A Category 4 hurricane also has the potential to “blow out windows on high-rise buildings, uproot trees, and down many power lines.” Power outages and water shortages are also common in areas that are hit with a Category 4 storm.


Category 3 Hurricane


Here’s what you can expect from a Category 3 hurricane:


  • Winds ranging from 111 to 129 mph.
  • High risk of injury from flying debris.
  • Older mobile homes risk being destroyed.
  • Homes will well-build frames, apartments, and industrial buildings may experience severe damage.
  • Trees will likely be uprooted and could block roadways.
  • Power and water shortages are also common.


Category 2 Hurricane


With a Category 2 hurricane, you can expect:


  • Winds ranging between 96 to 100 mph.
  • Flying debris which may pose as a risk for injury.
  • Older mobile homes are at risk of sustaining serious damage while debris might threaten newer homes.
  • Homes, apartment buildings, and shopping centers might experience roof damage and siding damage.
  • Power will likely be lost for days or even a few weeks.


Category 1 Hurricane


A Category 1 hurricane carries winds traveling anywhere between 74 to 95 mph. there is still a risk of flying debris causing injuries and older mobile homes risk being destroyed. If glass windows are properly protected, they should survive the hurricane. Homes, apartments, and shopping centers might experience some damage and power lines may be knocked down. Power outages should only last for a short period of time, says



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With Hurricane Michael expected to cause significant damage and flooding, it is important that you allow an insurance claims attorney in your area to assist with filing your claim to ensure it is handled quickly and fairly.

What should I do if my home sustained damage as a result of Hurricane Michael?


Now, if your home sustained any damage as a result of Hurricane Michael, it is best you file an insurance claim immediately with your insurer so that it can be processed and paid in a timely manner. When hurricanes as strong as Michael strike, you should expect to see some delays in the processing time. However, if your claim is denied or your insurer fails to provide you with an adequate amount to cover the repairs costs, your next step is to contact We will connect you with a local insurance attorney, whether you live on Florida’s Panhandle, in Alabama, or Georgia who can help get your matter resolved.

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