If your home recently sustained damage in one or more of the recent natural disasters that occurred, you likely have contacted your insurance company and filed a damage claim. Whether it was for your dented vehicle, your flooded home, or your demolished roof, you are going to need the help your insurance company promises you to afford the necessary repairs your home or vehicle requires. Unfortunately, insurance claim denials are a common occurrence and insurance companies are bogged down with the increased number of claims filed, especially following a natural disaster which means your claim isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

Therefore, if your insurance company has denied your home damage or vehicle damage claim, it is important that you enlist the help of one of the insurance claim denial lawyers featured on USAttorneys.com as you are going to need someone who understands insurance law to step in and help. There are many hurricane and storm victims just like you who have not only been faced with unfortunate circumstances a hurricane brings along with it, but also with a denial notice stating that insurance benefits have been denied.


What can you do to help combat a denied insurance claim?


  1. Read through your policy. Because insurance companies are harder to get in touch with after a major storm has occurred, you need to read through your own policy terms and conditions to determine what is and is not covered. If you would like help with this, an insurance claims attorney will gladly assist you with this.


  1. Don’t hesitate to question if your insurance claims adjuster says your policy doesn’t cover wind and water damage. Although flood insurance is generally not included in a typical homeowner’s insurance policy, sometimes insurers won’t approve a claim simply because the wind and water damage occurred consecutively. According to Fair Fax Times, “Some insurers use an “anti-concurrent-causation” clause in their policies that, insurers allege, removes coverage for wind damage if an uninsured flood happens at about the same time, a potentially serious problem in claims from Hurricane Irma.”


  1. Let an insurance claims denial attorney represent you throughout the claims process. Although you may not think a lawyer has the ability to help you through this tough and tragic time, there are many ways they benefit you when going through the insurance claims process. To get a better idea as to how an insurance attorney can help you, get your free consultation scheduled with one to become more informed.


  1. Be persistent. As busy and overwhelmed as insurance companies are right now, you are a policy holder and you do need the assistance. Don’t accept a denied claim and settle for the answer your insurance adjuster gives you. Use your policy and the damage that your home or car sustained to determine whether your insurance is liable for covering the damage.


Again, denied insurance claims lawyers are available in your city to help you with this and can make the process run much smoother. To locate an insurance claims lawyer in your area now, contact USAttorneys.com.

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