If you have decided not to purchase an insurance policy through a private company, chances are you have opted to select a plan through healthcare.gov that was created to help all individuals obtain a policy, those ranging from high income to even low income families. If you have in fact elected to take this route, denied insurance claim attorneys in Tennessee want you to keep three things in mind as you choose which health plan is suitable for your needs.

Whether you have recently lost your previous policy due to work-related reasons, or you are looking to obtain your own policy aside from the one you were originally on, knowing these three things can help when choosing which policy will be the best bet for you and your family. One of the major aspects of any policy is that you want to ensure whenever a medical visit is submitted for review, it is not denied on the basis that you didn't have proper coverage. This is precisely why you need to be familiar with all of your policy options.

  1. Insurance claim denial lawyers first highlight the four “metal” categories that are available to consumers. These include:

  • Bronze– This is the more affordable plan on the scale where you are responsible to cover 40% of your medical expenses after the applied deductible is met.
  • Silver– Next down the line is the silver plan which requires you to pay 30% of your expenses.
  • Gold– This plan will require a higher premium, although you are only paying 20% of the cost of your medical care.
  • Platinum– This is the costlier of all four plans, however, after your deductible has been met, you only pay 10% of your medical expenses.


  1. The Cost of the Care– After reviewing your options, you want to consider what you can afford. While it is ideal to to have a plan where you are paying less out-of-pocket when attending a doctor's visit, you want to be sure you can afford the monthly expense.

  1. Plan and Network Types-There are four network types and they include HMO, PPO, POS, and EPO. Insurance claim dispute legal representatives in Tennessee urge you to thoroughly review these network types as you don't want to choose one your current physician doesn't take and are stuck either paying out-of-network costs, or lose the ability to stick with your health care professional you have been with for years.

Although having health insurance is now mandatory, choosing the right policy to avoid denied health insurance claims as well as doctor's visits that aren't covered by your insurer is not something someone who is ill wants to do deal with, or anyone else for that matter.

Denied health insurance benefits attorneys in Tennessee highly recommend you conduct research before jumping into purchasing a policy that simply cannot provide adequate coverage for your family, or is going to leave you with accrued medical bills you are unable to pay.