How to Reopen an Insurance Claim

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. Let’s say your home was damaged due to a storm, fire, or other natural disaster. In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, your home insurance company might write you an initial check. This initial check might be based on what the company estimates the damages and repairs will cost you. However, estimates may not always reflect your actual costs.

It is important to note that the initial settlement amount may not reflect the final settlement amount you might be entitled to receive. If, after hiring a contractor or having repairs completed, the cost of repairs is higher than this initial check, you as the homeowner have the right to reopen the insurance claim.

Re-opening an insurance claim often requires individuals to be savvy consumers. How do you know when it might be appropriate to re-open a claim? If you find that the money your insurance company is paying for repairs or replacements for goods in your home or for home repairs isn’t sufficient to cover these costs, it might be wise to double check what is covered and isn’t covered in your policy, and consider whether re-opening the claim is appropriate. According to Nerd Wallet, the first step homeowners might want to take involves re-reading your insurance policy to get a better understanding of your deductible and what is or isn’t covered. If you believe that you are being underpaid in your settlement, you can send the insurance company an appeal explaining why you think you should receive a higher settlement. While some individuals are able to appeal denied or underpaid claims on their own, the process can sometimes get complicated and may involve reading and understanding quite a bit of insurance fine print. Some homeowners sometimes hire lawyers to help them.

Leader, Leader, & Zucher, PLLC are insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who may be able to help you with the process of re-opening an insurance claim if you find that your damages exceed the amount your insurance company paid you initially.

So, how do you reopen an insurance claim? The first part of the process involves carefully documenting the cost of all repairs and damages. Keep every receipt. Document all expenses, including the cost of meals, clothes, and lodging if you needed to stay in a hotel while your home was being repaired. Once you have documented your losses and costs, you’ll need to send the insurance company a formal appeal. Again, here is where having a qualified insurance claim lawyer like Leader, Leader, & Zucher, PLLC can be helpful. A lawyer can write a carefully-worded demand letter that clearly explains your position. Homeowners have the right to be compensated for their losses up to the limits of their purchased insurance policy. If you have questions about a denied or underpaid claim, assert your rights and consider reaching out to Leader, Leader, & Zucher, PLLC today.



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