By now, most Texans know to be constantly on guard for hurricanes. This is especially true during hurricane season, which has caused widespread damage in the past on numerous occasions. August is shaping up to be a month that poses significant threats in this department. In particular, there is one hurricane that weather experts have been warning residents about.

If you are in the path of a hurricane in Texas, all you can do is prepare as best you can. However, sometimes this is not enough. Despite our best efforts, these weather events can completely destroy our homes, and we are left with no other option but to file an insurance claim. Unfortunately, even this last resort can prove to be a disaster for many homeowners. Claims are often denied for trivial reasons, which is why it could be necessary to work with a qualified, experienced attorney who specializes in denied claims.

Weather Forecasters in Texas Make a Startling Prediction

In early August, it was reported that some weather forecasters in Texas had projected a very worrying situation for Texas later in the month. In total, there were three areas off the coast of Africa that were moving off the coast. One specific area had the potential to move towards Texas and develop into a strong hurricane, but forecasters also admitted that it could just stay in the middle of the Atlantic without making landfall.

Could it Become a Category 2 Hurricane?

The main concern is that this could become a Category 2 Hurricane. This means that the storm could potentially achieve a central pressure of 976 millibars. So could this actually happen? It’s worth pointing out that this potential event is more than two weeks away. Anything could happen before this hurricane is projected to hit Texas. But if this prediction turns out to be true, it could be very worrying for Texas residents. This is especially true off the coast of Matagorda Bay, where this potential hurricane is predicted to make landfall on August 16th.

Texas is Still Recovering From the Winter Freeze

If a hurricane of that magnitude hits Texas, it would be the latest in a string of weather disasters for the Lone Star State. Recently, it was reported that citrus growers in Texas were still trying to assess the damage of the winter freeze. Total agricultural losses caused by this winter freeze are expected to exceed $600 million. All of the Valencia oranges were completely lost.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve suffered damage to your home due to severe weather, you have a right to a settlement from your insurance provider. If the insurance company is refusing to provide you with what you need and deserve, it’s time to take legal action. Get in touch with a qualified attorney in Texas who specializes in denied insurance claims, and you can hold insurance companies accountable. Even if your claim has been denied, there is still hope. Book your consultation today.

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