Regional damage.

The fierce winds from Hurricane Laura lashed three Lake Charles casinos causing damage to rooftops, buildings and swimming pools, even sending a riverboat into a bridge. Recovery efforts can be further slowed down if insurance companies underpay claims, or deny them completely.  It is a prudent action for business and homeowners to employ the services of insurance attorneys to review insurance policies before making a claim for damages from Hurricane Laura.

Economic strain.

After Hurricane Laura, people already struggling to find work, pay their rent, mortgages, and insurance bills, may now have a harder time rebuilding their lives. The pandemic had left many Lake Charles residents in a precarious financial and living situation and impacts of the hurricane are an added burden.  Expedited paid out insurance claims may be of great assistance during the rebuilding process.  An experienced insurance attorney may be able to facilitate the timely processing of claims toward faster resolution to individuals needing to restore stability.

Hurricane windstorm coverage.

When property owners purchase policies in Louisiana, they should be aware of the three deductibles related to wind damage: hurricane, named storm and windstorm/hail.  When the National Hurricane Center reports that a storm reaches tropical storm strength with winds reaching 39 miles per hour, named storm deductibles are activated.  Hurricane deductibles are activated when the National Hurricane Center reports that a tropical storm reached hurricane strength, at 74 mph.  Windstorm/hail deductibles are used when homes sustain damage from winds from any source: hurricanes and tropical storms, tornadoes, or other storms.

Some property owners may not be able to access property insurance through private insurers because they live in a designated high-risk area, so the state created an insurance company to offer coverage to individuals who are not approved by private insurers, but the costs are higher for similar coverages through the state designated “Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.” The Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation provides insurance for residential and commercial property for those who cannot obtain it in the voluntary market. The Louisiana Citizens FAIR Plan and the Louisiana Citizens Coastal Plan operate as programs of the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. Both offer wind and hail only policies.

Contract requirements.

Insurance disputes between policyholders and companies are based on Louisiana outlined contract requirements and rate limitations in Louisiana Revised Statute 6:969.28 (2019), when legal action is necessary regarding questions of coverage, or denial of legitimate claims. Experienced Louisiana insurance lawyers can be of assistance with contract laws that govern most insurance dispute proceedings.

Seek legal counsel.

If a dispute arises because of underpaid insurance claim payouts, or denials after storm-related damages in Lake Charles Louisiana, the insurance attorneys at Houghtaling Law Firm can help resolve insurance matters, either directly with the insurance company, through reports to the state insurance division, or through legal action in court.


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