Baton Rouge, LA – The state of Louisiana is often targeted by hurricanes, and in 2020 there were several storms that devastated the area. Hurricane Zeta caused substantial damage to many of the largest cities in the state. This storm was a category two hurricane with estimated winds of approximately 110 miles per hour when it made landfall off of the Gulf of Mexico. Early reports stated that six people passed away during the storm. 

As with most hurricanes, the most devastating damage was reported from storm surge in coastal areas, and high speed winds that can knock down structures or turn debris into deadly projectiles. Residents in certain hard hit areas were expected to be without power for several days until emergency crews could make crucial repairs.  

Insurance claims and hurricane damage

Most home and business owners have an insurance policy on their property as their primary means of protection. Property owners pay into these policies every year expecting payments if there is significant damage after a storm or other disaster. However, the insurance process does not always go as planned and some individuals receive claim denials or payments that are much smaller than anticipated. 

The claim process

Anyone who is affected by a disaster should take some time to inventory their losses through evidence such as pictures and documentation. The insurance provider should be contacted as soon as possible, so they can send an adjuster to verify the damage. In some cases, the adjusters can be mistaken about the value of the losses and other important observations. It is possible to get repair estimates from licensed contractors to prove the costs of repairs and minimize the possibility that the adjuster will make a mistake. 

Fighting against an insurance provider who refuses to pay

There are some lawyers who focus their entire practice to dealing with insurance companies and issues related to claim denials. Sometimes, the insurance companies will purposely try to do whatever they can to save money, even if this includes refusing to pay out legitimate claims. Lawyers who practice in this area can review the actions of the provider and make sure they are not acting illegally. 

Anyone who has issues with an insurance claim after a major hurricane in the Baton Rouge area should get legal advice to determine if their insurance company is acting in accordance with the terms of the policy and not violating any regulations and honoring what is written into the policy.

Getting assistance from an insurance lawyer in Louisiana is a site that contains listings of lawyers in all fifty states. People who are thinking about retaining a lawyer can browse the site to find a professional that matches their needs based on their location and the lawyer’s practice area.  

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