While many businesses are in the process of opening back up and resuming with their normal operations, others are preparing themselves for litigation. After the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered many businesses in Idaho, putting some in a deep financial pit, many turned to their insurance companies for help as most had purchased some type of business interruption coverage. Unfortunately, insurance companies were the bearer of bad news when they informed their policyholders, even those who had purchased an “all-risk” policy, that they weren’t entitled to coverage for losses stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rather than argue with their insurer or go back and forth, many business owners turned to their Idaho insurance claims denial lawyers to find out what they could do to obtain the coverage they had paid for. Many were informed that they could file a lawsuit against their insurer in an effort to obtain coverage.

Now, some of the largest insurance companies who offer business interruption insurance such as Society Insurance, The Hartford, and even Chubb are facing lawsuits for denying COVID-19 claims.

In most of the lawsuits that are being filed, businesses are seeking a declaratory judgment that would “speed payment of their insurance claims” and are asking to be awarded “damages for breach of contract and bad faith in claims handling [Source: ABA Journal]” ABA Journal recently reported that 13 owners of eateries and movie theatres in the Chicago area alone filed a federal lawsuit against Society Insurance seeking payment for the coverages they purchased.

Other business owners like Ted Challenger who owns three bars in Idaho is yet another owner who contacted an insurance claims denial lawyer after having his business interruption claim denied [Source: KTVB7]. Because many business owners have been unsuccessful at getting their COVID-19 claims paid, most have decided that litigation may be the only option they have if they want to recover the money their policy entitles them to collect.


Should I hire an Idaho insurance claims denial attorney if my insurer denied my business interruption claim?


If your insurance carrier isn’t willing to cover your business interruption claim, an insurance claims attorney in Idaho will identify the steps you need to take to potentially get the decision overturned. Whether that entails filing a lawsuit against your insurer or taking a different approach to address the issue, that is something an attorney will determine. If you would like to speak with an Idaho insurance claims denial attorney in your city now regarding your denied business interruption claim, contact USAttorneys.com for help.

The lawyers USAttorneys.com will connect you with are some of the best in the field and are capable of providing you with the legal services needed to obtain a favorable outcome in your case.

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