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Insurance companies are often found guilty of denying insurance claims in bad faith. However, in their defense we must admit that insurance fraud is a real issue that costs insurers millions of dollars annually.

What is insurance fraud? The specifics of the fraud may vary from one incident to another, but the general concept of insurance fraud is to file an insurance claim seeking money frivolously. That is, faking an accident or a burglary or something else for that matter just so you can get paid compensation by the insurer who covers you if such unforeseen events were to actually transpire and result in economical loss.

While it is true that insurers need to be suspicious of being defrauded with every claim that they receive, it is also true that they often deny claims without any valid reason. This does not happen often but you have a better chance of this happening to you compared to winning the lottery. Why would they deny a claim? Well, because an insurance company, at the end of the day, is a business and like any other business, their fundamental objective is to make money.

One of the strategies they use in order to save money by not paying out claims is to deny insurance claims in the hopes that the claimant will simply give up on the claim. Unfortunately, their ploy works in many situations.

A plenitude of people who file an insurance claim and have it denied simply become disheartened and give up on the claim oblivious to the fact that they can actually appeal the denial and have it over turned. This is where our insurance claims legal pros can assist you who can be found on which is a stellar website that actually saves lives. Disneyland or movie theaters may bring joy to peoples’ lives, our website offers Americans a second chance and pulls people from the brink.

The appeals process is extensive and tedious but these legal reps have the skills and resources to take care of it for you.


Types of insurance claims


Our legal pros are well versed with Illinois state law and have loads of experience in dealing with insurance providers and insurance claims adjustors. They know exactly what it takes to get the insurers on your terms and have them pay your claim and every penny of it as you rightfully deserve.

We deal with all types of insurance claims, mainly:

  1. Life insurance – Denial of a life insurance claim without valid reason can have negative consequences for a claimant and is regarded as a denial in bad faith. Our insurance claims legal representatives will not hesitate to take matters to court if need be.
  1. Business insurance – Small businesses and business owners are an integral part of the economy of the country and insurance companies must protect them.
  1. Auto accident insurance – Accidents are unforeseen events that can catch you off guard. The whole point of auto insurance is to cover damages that may arise from a car accident. A denial in this matter can be appealed and overturned.


We will also take care of business insurance, homeowner’s insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, etc. Get on now and use our interactive map to narrow down the top insurance claims lawyers in Illinois and start making calls. There is a strong chance you hit the spot with the first attorney you call.

Alternatively, feel free to use our contact form and we will call you back promptly. The sooner the better so that the insurance company that denied your claim won’t be able to make any more excuses. Legal help is right around the digital corner!