Indianapolis, IN – Without fail, Indiana weather causes major roof damage to homes throughout the state. Common forms of roof damage in Indiana include hail, ice, snow, and wood rot. When this happens, it is important to file an insurance claim so you can recover the compensation needed to begin repairs on your roof.

Have no idea where to start when filing an insurance claim in Indiana? Here is what to do and what not to do:

Don’t sign anything before consulting with an insurance claims attorney. 

There are people who come out of the woodwork after a storm and claim to be an insurance claim specialist even though they are not. Do not sign any kind of release or an estimate until you run it by your Indiana insurance claims lawyer first; they will be able to tell you if you are being taken advantage of or not. Otherwise, you could be giving the wrong person or company the ability to negotiate with your insurance company without you having a say first. Remember, roofing companies who base their business models on storm damage do not have their customers best interest at heart.

Temporarily cover damaged areas of your roof. 

This will prevent water from entering your home and further damaging your roof. If you can’t temporarily cover the roof, then have a roofing contractor cover missing shingles for you. Generally, insurance companies will pay these costs. However, if you do decide to hire a roofing contractor, then do not begin work before the insurance adjuster has seen the damage. They will need to document all of the roof damage in order to write out what work will be needed to be done, and how much it will ultimately all cost. By beginning work prior to an insurance adjuster reviewing the damage, you run the risk of complicating the whole process.

Do you live in Indiana and have roof damage? Find an insurance claims lawyer in your area today.

Interview potential roofing contractors. 

Before your insurance adjuster comes to assess the damage, interview potential roofing contractors. Oftentimes, experienced roofing contractors will meet on site with the insurance adjuster in order to figure out exactly what work is needed. Your roofing contractor can help point out damages that the insurance adjuster may miss, and that would have ended up costing you out of pocket expenses later on down the road. On the other hand, don’t try to pressure the adjuster into covering more than they should; it will only make the process a lot more complicated.

Hire an insurance claims attorney in Indiana.

If your insurance company denies your insurance claim, if your insurance claim is taking longer than normal for unknown reasons, or if you have been offered substantially less than what you need for roof damages, then can help. We will pair you with an insurance claims lawyer in Indiana who will fight on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve. Contact our Indiana insurance claims attorney today to schedule a free case evaluation.