Do You Need An Attorney In Indiana To Appeal An Insurance Claim?

Car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, etc. are all insurance policies that we hold and regularly pay premiums for on a timely basis so that if and when something unfortunate and unforeseen happens and results in damages and economic losses, the insurance policy will cover it for us monetarily and provide financial security and stability when we need it the most.

Considering that we rely on it so heavily, imagine how stressful and frustrating it can be if we apply for a claim and the insurer simply denies our insurance instead of approving the application. This does happen! You may have never been rejected before in your life but you know it does not good when it does happen!


Why insurers deny insurance claims without good reason


This may sound strange but it is actually what happens in a lot of denied in bad faith insurance claims. Why do insurance companies deny our insurance claims?

Well, our insurance claims lawyers, that can be found on which is a website that literally saves lives every day by linking people with the legal pros they need to carry out their personal mission, explain that at the end of the day an insurance company is a business and one of their fundamental goals is to generate revenue and maximize profits (just as with any other business). By denying insurance claims, they do not have to payout money and this means more profits for them.

Unfortunately, this strategy often works because the claimants become disheartened in most cases and simply give up on pursuing their insurance claims. However, our attorneys are well versed with such unreasonable denials and have helped tons of clients successfully appeal their denied insurance claims and win the money that they rightfully deserve.


First party bad faith vs. third party bad faith


Insurance denied in bad faith claims can be divided into two broad classifications, namely, first party bad faith and third party bad faith. Irrespective of which category your case belongs to, we recommend that you talk to one of our legal representatives without delay and get the ball rolling on your denied bad faith appeal.

First party bad faith can involve failure on part of the insurance company to investigate a claim and its value. For example, if your auto insurer failed to assess the damage caused to your car in an accident, incorrectly communicated to you that the damage caused was not something that would be covered by insurance and failed to payout the claim then you have what is known as a first party bad faith claim in your hands.

On the other hand, third party bad faith claims arise when an insurance company fails to defend a civil lawsuit filed against them by the claimant or if the insurer refuses to payout the coverage as instructed by the verdict of a civil lawsuit.

Either way, we will help you get your money back. Get on and use our interactive map to find an attorney for you. You should see some choices appear right in front of you. Call one of them now, certainly today!

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