Losing a loved one is difficult and is a very emotionally stressful time for anyone who undergoes such a tragic life event. Apart from the loss of companionship, a person often also has to suffer financial loss, especially if the individual who passed on was a major financial contributor to the household income.

Many breadwinners of the family opt to sign up for life insurance so their family members do not have to face the additional stress of financial loss in the event they are no longer around to earn for them. Unfortunately, even after taking the precaution of signing up for life insurance, some families do not receive the promised insurance from the life insurance company due to unfair reasons.

Anyone who has suffered a life insurance denial and has been denied access to the funds that rightfully belong to them should connect with an insurance lawyer in Orlando, Florida as soon as possible to have the matter investigated. An attorney will be able to use legal references when communicating with the insurer and they will be able to help a person negotiate with the insurer until they receive the amount they were initially promised. As sad as it is, insurance companies definitely profit off denying life insurance claims and that is why they are motivated to do it.

What is the main reason that life insurance claims are denied in Florida?

Life insurance claims are often denied due to ‘misrepresentation’ claims made by the insurer. This means that the insurer states that a misrepresentation was made when a person first filed the application, or that important information was omitted when the application was initially filed. If the insurer claims misrepresentation, they often deny a person their life insurance settlement and instead return the premiums to the family. If the misrepresentation claim is made without a valid reason, the insurer can be made to reverse their decision by taking legal action against them.

It is for this reason that person should have a lawyer with them when they are originally registering for their life insurance policy. A lawyer will make sure that all the correct files are submitted and that there is no vital information missing that could result in a potential misrepresentation denial made by the insurer later on.

Other common reasons for life insurance denial include a lapse in the payment of premiums or differing in the definition of the cause of loss of life in the insurance policy. Anyone who is thinking of registering for insurance or anyone who has their life insurance claim denied should call a lawyer as soon as possible to help them with the legalities of the case.

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