Driving a commercial vehicle such as a truck for long distances can become a liability due to the possibility of incidents such as traffic accidents or vehicle malfunctions. 

Local police responded to the scene of a road where a truck had overturned and obstructed traffic in Tallahassee, Florida.

Overturned truck blocks road into Tallahassee

The Tallahassee Fire Department responded to the area of Old Bainbridge Road and its intersection with Clippys Drive. The early morning accident scene involved a large flatbed truck that turned on its side and blocked both lanes of traffic on Old Bainbridge. 

Rescue workers in the area told drivers who needed to get into the city of Tallahassee to go on Orchard Pond to Meridian Road, or drive around to North Monroe to avoid the crash.

Emergency workers were not aware of any injuries, but they were still in the process of investigating the truck crash scene. The Tallahassee Fire Department posted photos of the area on their social media accounts. Debris was visible on the road surface, and the bed of the truck was across both lanes of traffic on the two lane road. 

There was no information regarding the cause of the accident or whether the driver violated any traffic or safety regulations. 

Getting payments after injuries associated with a truck collision

When a truck driver is injured, they can file a workers compensation claim or possibly bring a civil lawsuit against their workplace or anyone else responsible. In most cases, employers are strictly liable for injuries sustained by their workers while on the job, and they must purchase special workers compensation insurance to cover costs of medical treatment and other losses. 

Negligence cases and traffic incidents

After any standard car collision or motor vehicle accident, it is important to get legal help after filing an insurance claim and contacting local law enforcement. After a conversation with your attorney, they will inform you regarding whether it is necessary to bring a civil case against the person or business responsible. The attorney will also try to collect evidence such as accident reports, witness statements, and pictures of the scene. 

Negligence is the legal term for the specific action that attempts to establish fault and damages after most vehicle accidents. This essentially means that the driver responsible breached their duty of care on the roads and caused injuries and property damage. If the plaintiff is successful, the defendant is ordered to pay various costs related to medical treatment, property damage, and lost income. 

Get help from a local accident attorney

There are personal injury lawyers who assist clients in the Tallahassee area. They can help you with preparing to file a lawsuit and related matters. To learn more, contact:

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