Texas – October 23, 2020

Experienced attorneys at Lindsay, Lindsay & Parsons have years of insurance experience and provide personal attention to victims of hurricane damage.  Hurricane Laura made landfall as a category four hurricane causing trees to be uprooted and fall onto homes, seriously damaging roofs and building structures; Delta was a category one hurricane with winds over 75 mph when it arrived near Beaumont, complicating residual damages from Laura with the loss of power and over 16 inches of rain in some areas.

Roof and structural damages.

Roof damage from strong winds, hail, lightning, falling or flying debris, and other storm-related issues is common in Texas and homeowners suffer the aggravation of denied insurance claims each year. A homeowner may not even be aware of residual damage after a storm unless regular roof inspections are undertaken. Critical mistakes should be avoided at the outset of a claim to ensure that an insurance company will provide the necessary compensation to cover repair, or replacement of a roof in Beaumont Texas. Insurance claims attorneys can be instrumental in this process, through assistance with valuations of loss and claim filing.

Homeowners who suspect roof damage should have a qualified roof replacement specialist walk the roof, assess the situation, and advise if there is enough damage to justify an insurance claim. Legal counsel can communicate with an insurance company, prepare, and file a report within the mandated time allowed to do so. Homeowners can fortify a report with photos and damage documentation.  After Hurricane Laura’s impact to building structures, Hurricane Delta was better positioned to cause water damage issues to a structure.  Walls and ceilings may need to be replaced if the infrastructure was compromised, as well as carpets, drapes, clothing, and family heirlooms that may have received water damage.

Homeowners’ insurance policies.

As a homeowner, it is important to be familiar with the specifics of a purchased policy, regarding covered losses and exclusions. Texas insurance claims attorneys can review policies and riders for windstorm damage, which may be required as an additional, or separate policy in Texas.  Depending on the nature of the storm, claims may have to be made to several entities.

Damage claim denied.

 When insurance providers try to deny a storm damage claim, it is in a policy holder’s best interest to get an independent loss adjuster after a roof has been damaged.  There is a one year time limitation from the date of loss to file a claim with the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). If homeowner’s think TWIA’s estimate of damage is too low, they should contact TWIA at 1-800-788-8247, or hire an experienced insurance defense attorney to handle claim problems, as lawyers are familiar with insurance company tactics and know how to work around them.

Hire an attorney.

When individuals become entangled with insurance disputes arising out of claims for roof, structural damage, or losses related to water damage. Lindsay, Lindsay & Parsons can communicate concerns to insurance carriers, prepare and file, or dispute an insurance claim on behalf of Beaumont Texas homeowners.

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