Business owners everywhere are turning to insurance claims denial lawyers for legal advice and help. While some want to know why their insurer is denying their business interruption claim even when coverage is warranted, others are rushing their attorneys to draw up the legal paperwork to initiate the lawsuit process. Why? Because insurance companies in all states, including Arkansas, are denying any business interruption claims filed for COVID-19 losses.


Insurance Companies Argue They Do Not Cover Pandemics


After filing their business interruption claims, many business owners received notice that they didn’t have coverage that would extend to the losses they suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Insurance companies are not only arguing that they never collected a premium from policyholders that would cover a loss this great, but they also allege that in order to utilize coverage under business interruption insurance, physical damage must be evident. While many are arguing that the virus does, in fact, cause physical damage to their property, insurers aren’t budging on their decisions.

With many business owners left with nowhere else to turn to for the financial relief they need to survive, many are filing lawsuits against their insurance carriers to get the coverage they have been paying for. While some are accusing their insurers of wrongfully denying their claim and asking that they be awarded damages, others are seeing a declaratory judgment from the court to confirm they are entitled to coverage for their coronavirus-related losses.


Renowned Chef and Restaurant Owner Thomas Keller Sues Insurer Over COVID-19 Losses


Thomas Keller is known by many for the awards his restaurants have received. With locations in places like New York and California, Keller knew the government-ordered closures were going to significantly impact his restaurants. After Keller was unable to obtain the coverage he believed he was entitled to under his business interruption policy, he contacted an insurance lawyer for help.

Keller and his insurance attorney filed suit against Hartford Fire Insurance Company seeking a declaratory judgment “to confirm his insurance company should cover coronavirus-related business losses,” reports CNN. John Houghtaling, the attorney representing Keller, says that Hartford Fire Insurance Company is “wrongfully denying us, which is going to cripple millions of people and their livelihoods.” Although Keller was one of the first business owners to challenge their insurer, dozens of others have come forward with their own lawsuits after their business interruption claims were denied.

If your insurer denied your business interruption claim and you’ve exhausted all avenues to get it paid, its time you let connect you with an Arkansas insurance claim denial attorney in your city.

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