Major Flooding Causes U.S. Coast Guard to Shut Down Parts of Mississippi River Resulting in a Hub Spot for Commerce to Close

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The U.S. Coast Guard made the decision to shut down a five-mile stretch of the Mississippi River in St. Louis last Friday after river levels rose to the highest they’ve been since 1993, The Washington Post reported. That area and others along the river serve a great purpose to farmers and others alike but not as of recently. The stretch along the river has experienced severe flooding causing the hub spot for commerce to close.

According to the media outlet, the St. Louis River is a “transportation hub and major loading point for grain and other goods,” but not as of recently. Because of the recent flooding and spring rains that have fallen, this loading point can no longer serve that purpose, that is until the water levels drop. According to Butler Miller, who operates a small company of 200 barges, the flooding has “disrupted commerce,” and those who farm are being affected by it. Miller told the source that farmers in Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois will even run into trouble if they are trying to get their grain to New Orleans.

One soybean farmer says he is suffering greatly as a result of the rains and flooding. Robb Ewoldt, from Davenport, IA told the source he has approximately “$75,000 in soybeans sitting grain bins with nowhere to go.” With the recent flooding preventing farmers and producers from getting their goods to where they need to go and the heavy rains bringing the lives of crops and cattle to an end, the damage has already reached about $12 billion. Not only has the flow of commerce been disrupted, but so have the lives of individuals whose homes sustained flooding, causing them to be displaced.

With the Mississippi River serving as a “transit way for more than 1.78 billion in goods,” if the rain persists, many business owners might be faced with a greater loss than they were prepared to take.


What should a crop farmer do if they suffered a loss as a result of a natural disaster?


If you farm in Iowa, Missouri, or even Mississippi and you have experienced a loss as a result of the recent flooding, you are going to want to contact your insurance company so an adjuster can initiate the claims process. Famers who are properly insured in MS should be compensated for their losses when a natural disaster strikes or severe weather hits. After contacting your insurance company, time should be arranged for an adjuster to come out and inspect your crops. While you wait for the adjuster to come out, the United States Department of Agriculture says you should not do any of the following:


  • Do not destroy any of your crops.
  • Do not disk.
  • Do not plow.
  • Do not replant.
  • Do nothing to destroy your crop until you have received permission from your adjuster or an insurance company representative.


Failure to follow these rules could result in your claim being denied.

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Now, if your livelihood survives off of your crop farming in Iowa or Mississippi or other types of agriculture work and you want to be sure your insurance claim is handled properly and in a timely manner, you should consider bringing on an insurance claims attorney in Mississippi or Iowa to help you. In the event you run into an issue with your insurer while trying to collect the money you are entitled to receive for your losses, a MS or IA insurance claims lawyer can definitely help you get your problem resolved. If you would like to speak with an insurance attorney now who can help you file a claim or address your issue, contact today.

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