Many Florida Homeowners Are Still Living in Tents After Hurricane Ian

These days, it seems like we move quickly from one crisis to the next — forgetting incidents within weeks in favor of the latest “happening.” With the pandemic and global wars, it’s easy to forget about even major crises like Hurricane Ian. But for those affected by the major storm in Florida, the consequences are not easy to forget. In fact, victims are reminded of these consequences every single day. A recent report shows that many Florida homeowners are still living in tents — their residences having been completely destroyed. So what can we do about this? Why aren’t they being provided with compensation via their homeowners’ insurance policies?

Florida Hurricane Victims Still Living in Tents

Many Florida residents are living in tents, their homes having been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by Hurricane Ian. In places like Saint James City, tents are commonplace. Many of the people living in these tents once had homes. Some are elderly individuals. But all have one thing in common: They’re waiting for someone to help. The clean-up process has yet to be completed in many of these areas, and assistance from the government is direly needed.

Many of these now-homeless Floridians speak about their ongoing legal battles with their insurance companies. They wonder why they haven’t been paid, especially since they dutifully sent their premiums over without missing a single payment. Many of these people haven’t even spoken to a real person, and they’re greeted by an answering machine every time they try to call their insurance providers.

What Is the Government Doing to Help?

According to Florida’s Emergency Management Department, people in Southwest Florida can apply for a temporary travel trailer if they have been rendered homeless by the storm. But what people really need is a real home.

On January 20th, it was reported that the Department of Financial Services was creating three Insurance Villages. These in-person events will be held in Punta Gorda, Englewood, and Fort Myers. The goal is to provide policyholders with an opportunity to meet with insurers face-to-face and resolve outstanding claims. This ensures that people who have lost their homes will get more than just an answering machine when they ask for more information. With that being said, there are no guarantees that this will provide any measurable results for people who desperately need compensation and a secure place to live.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Hurricane Insurance Claim Attorney in Trenton?

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced hurricane insurance claim attorney in Trenton, look no further than Shochet Law Group. We know that many victims of Hurricane Ian are still reeling from the after-effects. Many of these individuals still lack stable housing, and some are still trying to recover compensation through their homeowners’ insurance claims. If you find yourself in this type of situation, we can help. Book your consultation today to go over your legal options and strive for the best possible results.


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