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Usually, when you purchase a boat, an auto, home or make another large purchase, you want to ensure those high-cost items are protected against a calamity or significant damage. The best way to protect your investment is to ensure those items so they can be repaired or replaced if an accident occurs or a natural disaster strikes.


Auto Insurance in Massachusetts


Massachusetts requires all motorists and motorcyclists to carry insurance in their vehicles. The minimum auto insurance requirements include:

$20,000 bodily injury per person or $40,000 per accident

$8,000 per person in Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

$20,000 bodily injury caused by uninsured motorist or $40,000 per accident

$5,000 damage to some else’s property per accident.


Optional Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance

Recreational vehicle insurance

Flood insurance

Health Insurance

Credit Insurance


The top five insurers in Massachusetts, according to Biz Journals include:

Commerce Insurance Company, Webster, Mass.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Boston, Mass.

Safety Insurance Co., Boston, Mass.

Arbella Mutual Insurance Co., Quincy, Mass.

The Hanover Insurance Co., Worcester, Mass. has a complete list of licensed insurance companies if you are looking for auto, home, property or medical insurance.


Denial of Your Insurance Claim


It is not uncommon for an insurer to deny your claim or to refuse to pay the amount you are seeking. An insurer can argue that you didn’t provide sufficient proof of injury or damage or don’t think you deserve the amount you deserve.

If an insurance company denies your claim, you must counter their arguments and demonstrate why they are wrong to get a fair settlement. You need an insurance claims attorney in Massachusetts handling settlement talks. They will gather the information and evidence necessary to give you an edge in negotiates. Our knowledgeable team of lawyer will do what it takes to ensure you are awarded the compensation you need.


Insurance Fraud in Massachusetts


Massachusetts is one many states that have a special agency dedicated to investigating insurance because the cost is so high to insurers and consumers. The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts says auto insurance fraud and worker’s compensation fraud make up the bulk of fraud in the state. The losses associated with insurance fraud costs approximately $80 billion a year across all insurance types, according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

Common types of insurance fraud in Massachusetts are:

Auto insurance fraud

Refusal to pay worker’s compensation premiums

Worker’s compensation claimant fraud

Property insurance fraud

If you need assistance with any of the following insurance claims, set up a consultation with one of our insurance claims attorneys in Massachusetts:

Renter’s insurance

Fire insurance

Life insurance

Long-term care insurance


Speak with an Insurance Claim Attorney


If your claim has been denied or you are the victim of insurance fraud, USAttorneys encourages you to contact an insurance claims attorney in Massachusetts. They will stand up for your rights and ensure you get the claim amount you deserve. We can help you locate a skilled negotiator to assist you will all stages of your claim.