Are You Looking For An Insurance Claims Lawyer In Michigan?

At one point in time, you may find it necessary to file an insurance claim. Perhaps you were in a car accident, or your home had a serious plumbing issue, and now your basement is flooded. Whatever reason you need to file an insurance claim, you might have your claim denied, or you could receive a settlement offer that is significantly less than you deserve for your injuries or property damage.


Insurance Laws in Michigan


In the state of Michigan, you are only legally required to insure your vehicle or motorcycle. You can purchase homeowner’s, flood, and renter’s insurance but you don’t have to carry it under state law.

If you own a car, truck or motorcycle, your minimum coverage must be:

$20,000 to cover injuries to one accident victim

$40,000 for each accident if multiple injuries or deaths occur, and

$10,000 for property damage in another state


Insurance Claim Denial


When an insurer is considering the settlement amount to offer you, they will evaluate your injuries, and property damage to arrive at a figure.

There are some reasons why your claim can be denied; an insurer may:

Allege your policy does not cover the damage,

Deny your claim to force you into negotiations,

You took too long to file your claim,

Have canceled your policy without notifying you.

Insurance companies don’t give the public access to metrics and calculations they use to determine the value of your claim, so the way they arrive at a settlement amount is hard to determine. If you want assurances you will get the settlement you deserve; you need someone your side who can effectively counter an insurer’s offers and negotiate for a better amount. One of our accomplished and dedicated insurance claims attorneys in Michigan should be that someone.


Overcoming a Difficult Claims Process


You can avoid a difficult claims process and recover a settlement sooner if you purchase your policy with a reputable insurance company. The Michigan State Department of Insurance and Financial Services has a tool to check the accreditation of any insurance company you are considering.

You can also find useful information about homeowner’s insurance and providers in Michigan.


Filing a Complaint Against a Michigan Insurance Company


If you have been the victim of insurance fraud or getting the runaround from your insurance company, you should contact the Office of Consumer Services within the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS).


Get Legal Assistance


When you plan on filing an insurance claim, you should enlist an insurance claims attorney in Michigan to remove the hurdles you are likely to encounter. Insurance companies are for-profit entities, and they exist to make profits for their shareholders, and the best way to be profitable is to limit their liability by keeping settlement payouts as low as possible. USAttorneys can connect you with an aggressive and skilled insurance claims expert to get you the settlement you deserve.