Speak With An Insurance Claims Attorney In Minnesota

Have you filed an insurance claim in Minnesota? Was your claim denied? Is you are struggling with an insurance company, you aren’t alone. Many Minnesotans have their insurances claims rejected and are forced to fight to get settlement funds.


What are my rights if my claim is denied?


If you are denied an insurance settlement that believes you are entitled to, you have the right to challenge the insurance company’s denial through an appeal. If your insurance provider acted in bad faith for wrongfully denied your claim, you might have grounds to sue the insurer.


Common reasons your claim can be denied include:


Your accident or damage was avoidable

An insurance company can deny your claim by asserting that you played a role in the accident. For instance, an insurance company may deny your claim if allowed an unlicensed driver to drive your car. You should speak with a lawyer


You didn’t get immediate medical attention

Sometimes in the aftermath of a car accident, slip, and fall or workplace accident, victims don’t realize their injuries require medical attention, so they put off getting medical treatment. They mistakenly think they just need a day or two to feel better.


Your Injuries are Pre-existing condition

If you have a pre-existing medical issue or previous injury, an insurance company may allege that your injuries and pain are the results of your previous injury.

If you have a pre-existing condition, the insurer may argue that it was this condition that is causing your injury and pain and not the accident. If the accident worsened your condition, you might still be able to get some compensation, but it can be hard to sort out and prove just what caused the crash and what extent of the injury was pre-existing.


What is a Sign of Bad Faith when Your Claim is Denied?

Above we discussed a few of the common reasons, your claim can be denied. If you received a notice of denial, contact one of USAttorneys’ insurance claims attorneys. Then you need to speak with your insurer ask them why your claim was denied.

Sometimes insurance companies act in “bad faith” when they deny your claim. That means an insurance company is not meeting their obligations to the insured to minimize the compensation they pay you. Insurer employs all sorts of tactics to delay a settlement and reduce settlements.


If you believe you are the victim of insurance fraud, contact the Minnesota agency below:

Consumer Services Center

Minnesota Department of Commerce

Local: 651-539-1600

Toll-Free: 1-800-657-3602 (Greater MN)

It isn’t easy challenging an insurance company because they can afford to pay an army of lawyers and adjusters to help them avoid liability. Without an attorney on your side, your chances of winning your case are unlikely. Let USAttorneys connect you with an insurance claims attorney in Minnesota to deal with your insurer.


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