How Can An Insurance Claims Attorney Help?

Filing a claim with an insurance company can be very frustrating. There is paperwork to complete and submit. If you make a mistake on your insurance forms, you may have to re-do them, or even worse, your claim can be denied.  Why worry yourself with complexities of filing an insurance claim, when you can retain an insurance claims lawyer?

Disputing a Claim Denial


There are a few reasons why your insurance claim can be denied such as:

Your policy does not cover your loss.

The damages are not as severe as you claim

 Insurance adjusters decide that loss occurred or is excluded from your policy.


What is a Bad Faith Claim?


There is this mistaken impression among policyholders that an insurer is acting in bad faith if their claim is denied but that is not the reality. A bad faith claim and a claim denial are two different things. You may have a bad faith claim if an insurer has failed to fill their contractual duty.

If you believe your insurer acted in bad faith, you should contact the Mississippi Insurance Department at:

Legal Division

P.O. Box 79

Jackson, MS 39205

(601) 359-3577


Insurance Fraud


Insurance fraud is rampant, costing consumers and insurers millions. Common types of insurance fraud include:

Bogus auto accident claims

Failure to pay worker’s compensation premiums

Fraudulent worker’s compensation claims

Fraudulent property insurance claims

Arson for profit

Insurance companies are profit-driven, so they will go to great lengths to avoid paying your claim or will offer you less than you deserve. An insurance claims attorney can counter the arguments of an insurance adjuster and secure a settlement for the fair value of your injuries and property damage. We have an experienced team of lawyers with the skills to negotiate for a better settlement amount.

If you need assistance with any of the following insurance claims, enlist one of our insurance claims attorneys:

Auto accident

Homeowner’s claim

Fire Claims


Our team of insurance claims lawyers in Mississippi can help you with the following matters:

Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss- This form is necessary for property insurance claims.

Recorded Statements- Sometimes insurance companies will ask for you to make a recorded statement

Examination Under Oath (EUO)- This is a formal way to investigate your claim. If you are required to participate in an Examination under Oath, you will be asked questions while a Court reporter transcribes your answers.

Negotiations- After you submit your claim, you may have to enter negotiations with an insurer to get the settlement funds they need to cover their losses, and injuries if they were hurt.


Contact an Insurance Claims Attorney


Trying to recover compensation from an insurance company can be replete with difficulties and need to overcome numerous barriers to get the funds necessary to cover their losses, but you can help from an insurance claims attorney in Mississippi. Our experienced team has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies.