It’s been a quiet stretch of the Atlantic Hurricane Season over the past few weeks, and Mississippians are breathing a collective sigh of relief as a break seems to have emerged. Even so, it’s important to keep in mind that these storms can develop quickly. If you are living along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, now is a great time to review your hurricane preparedness plan. Many elements come into play when putting together a proactive course of action, and we’ll cover a couple of steps in this article to help you get started. The first areas we’ll look at are the types of storm-related threats you might face as a home or business owner. After that, we’ll give you some tips on how to ensure you are properly insured so that you don’t get stuck with a denied insurance claim. Let’s dive in.


What hazards might you face this year?

Thankfully, Mississippi was not impacted by Hurricane Elsa earlier this season. Our neighbors in Florida were not so fortunate. If a tropical storm or hurricane of similar or greater strength does come our way, Mississippians can expect an array of extreme weather phenomena. Our state is vulnerable to torrential downpours, flash flooding, storm surge, high winds, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. These savage weather hazards can wreak havoc on communities along the coast, as well as those in the Pine Belt, Capital Region, the Delta, and the Hills. Heavy rains and floods can submerge entire neighborhoods, severely impacting your ability to get around. Fallen trees can crash through roofs and destroy vehicles. High tides can ransack homes and businesses along the coastline, washing away precious belongings and important documents. Significant damages to your property can turn your life upside down and set you back for years if you are not prepared.


Have you reviewed your insurance policy recently?

Waiting until a hurricane warning has been issued to review your insurance is not a wise idea. Insurance providers do not issue last-minute coverage in the face of an imminent storm. That’s why it is essential for Mississippians to review their insurance policy prior to storm season. If you haven’t done this yet, take advantage of this calm period and speak with your provider. It’s also important to review your insurance policy. Always remember to read the fine print, because this is how the insurance companies deny your claims for the most part. 


What if it’s too late?

In the case that your insurance provider refuses to make changes to your coverage, or they have denied a claim already, speak with a qualified attorney today. Having an experienced legal expert on your side can give you peace of mind in situations like these. They can provide you with valuable advice on legal matters and will fight on your behalf to get a denied claim overturned.

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