Find The Best Insurance Claims Lawyer In Nebraska To Help You

Having insurance on our autos, homes, or rental properties are supposed to give us peace of mind and protect us from a financial windfall when an accident occurs. However, many Nebraskans encounter many difficulties when trying to recover an insurance settlement. Some insurers make the claims process difficult for a myriad of reasons.


How Do I Ensure My Claim Is Paid?


No matter what you do, there is no guarantee that the insurance claims process is going to result in the settlement you think you deserve. Insurance adjusters are not just going to give you a settlement without requiring you to meet a high burden of proof.  While nothing you do can guarantee an outcome, you can take some steps to reduce the likelihood of claim denial:

  • Examine your policy closely and learn what is covered and what is not.
  • Familiarize yourself with your “duties after a loss,” so you are aware what you must do to file your insurance claim.
  • Do research on the insurance company your policy is with, so you can glean how they treat their customers and how they deal with claims.
  • Keep thorough records of your repairs, medical treatments and other losses you are trying to recover.
  • If you need to file a claim, contact your insurance provider immediately.

If you believe an insurance company is wrongfully denying your claims or you are the victim of insurance fraud, contact the Nebraska Department of Insurance at:

941 O Street

PO Box 82089

Lincoln, Nebraska 68501-2089

Consumer Affairs Hotline: 877-564-7323 (In-State Only)


How Can an Insurance Claims Lawyer Assist Me?


If you need to file one an insurance claims, USAttorneys can connect you with an insurance claims lawyer in Nebraska to assist you with all aspects of your claim. Our insurance claims lawyers can help you with the following claims:

Automobile accidents- To see what auto insurance requirements you have in Nebraska visit

Boat and recreational vehicles

Homeowners insurance

Flood insurance (Visit for more information on flood insurance.)

Renter’s insurance




When you hire an insurance claims lawyer, they will handle the paperwork and filing requirements, so your focus can be on recovering from your injuries or calamity. Before you embark on the claims process, USAttorneys encourages you to speak with an insurance claims lawyer in Nebraska. Our claims specialists will help you with your claim from beginning to end. They can negotiate for a better settlement and see that your claim gets resolved quickly. You can rely on our Nebraska team to apply their skills to your case. To be sure you get the settlement, let us connect you with an insurance claims expert today.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is rampant across the U.S. and could cost you thousands. You can learn how to identify or avoid insurance fraud by visiting the Nebraska Department of Insurance website.