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Was your insurance claim denied by a New Hampshire insurance company? Have your attempts to recover insurance been futile? Is an insurance company making your life difficult? You shouldn’t have to struggle to get an insurance settlement, but chances are you will.


Why Your Claim May Be Disputed?


An insurer may dispute your claim or refuse to pay the amount you are seeking for some reasons including:

You didn’t get immediate medical attention after a car crash, slip and fall or workplace accident.

Your insurance policy does not cover the items, procedure, or damage.

The documents you filed with an insurer were incomplete, or you left out critical information.

Your injuries or damage is not as severe as you claim.

If you want to dispute your insurer’s denial, we recommend you speak with an insurance claims specialist immediately and enlist them to protect your rights and ensure your settlement is approved with as few headaches as possible.


How Can an Insurance Claims Attorney Help?


If your claim has been denied, an insurance claims attorney will begin looking at your case to figure out why your insurer is refusing to pay your settlement. In some cases, a denial is the result of a simple mistake on your claims paperwork, and that can be quickly resolved. Many insurance claims are denied because the damage is not covered your policy or you didn’t follow their procedures or file your claim promptly.


Insurance Fraud, What is It?


The New Hampshire Department of Justice defines insurance fraud as “any material misrepresentation to an insurance company made by a person claiming insurance benefits or applying for an insurance policy.”

Insurance fraud costs you and every other New Hampshire residents, so you need to be able to identify fraud and know how you can stop.

Types of Insurance Fraud:

Staged car accidents

Worker’s compensation premium or claims fraud


Medical Billing fraud

Issuing false policies

Pocketing premiums

If you suspect you are being defrauded, contact one of the following:

The New Hampshire Insurance Department

Insurance Fraud Unit



The National Insurance Crime Bureau



How Can Insurance Claims Attorney Help?


One of the insurance claims specialists at USAttorneys can help you recover a fair settlement if your claim involves:

Premises liability

Pet Insurance

Life Insurance or an annuity


An insurance policy can be hard to understand. If you need help deciphering your policy or need to determine why your claim was denied we urge you to get legal advice today. Our team of insurance claims attorneys in New Hampshire will explain your policy and help you figure out why your claim was denied. Regardless of the type of policy you need help with, our team will help with your dispute and work to get the settlement you are rightfully due. Your rights will be protected, and you will be able to recover a generous settlement. Call and set up a consultation with our team or attorneys today.