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Were you denied a health care insurance claim following surgery? Was your spouse’s life insurance payout frozen? Are you being denied insurance benefits after being involved in a car accident? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people in New Jersey are battling with their providers to recover compensation they should have been paid as stated in their policy, only to come up empty handed. Luckily, an insurance dispute attorney can help you recover the money your insurance company has denied you.

But how do you go about finding legal representation? That’s where we step in to assist. provides access to some of the best insurance attorneys in New Jersey who are ready and waiting to take on your case. Each of the lawyers featured on our site have the knowledge, drive, and commitment it takes to obtain a successful verdict for an insurance denial claim and will not stop until they help you obtain justice for the wrongs you have suffered.


Top 5 Reasons for an Insurance Claim Denial


If you are struggling to understand why you were denied your insurance claim, there are a few things you should know. First, it’s important that you understand that as a policy holder, you have a right to know why your insurance carrier refused your claim. They must also provide you with the steps to take to file a dispute. Here are some of the most common excuses insurance companies give after denying benefits:

  • You billed for charges that your policy doesn’t cover
  • If the claim was related to medical expenses, you may have obtained treatment that required pre-authorization from your carrier
  • You made a mistake on your claim documents
  • Not enough evidence was provided to support your claim
  • The insurance company doesn’t believe you merit full (or any) compensation


These are just a few of the many reasons insurers give their policy holders after rejecting a claim. However, just because your insurance company doesn’t want to pay up, that doesn’t mean you need to accept their decision. Many times, carriers do not have a viable argument for denying benefits. They may fight tooth and nail with you simply because they don’t want to lose money or perhaps because they made a mistake when processing the claim. They may even be committing fraud.

No matter what kind of insurance policy you may have, you do not and should not have to back down. If your provider has no legitimate excuse for refusing to allocate compensation and acted in bad faith, you have the right to file an appeal and take legal action.


As a NJ Policy Holder, You Have the Right to Appeal the Wrongful Denial of Insurance Benefits


If you are wrongfully denied insurance benefits you know you deserve, or believe your insurer did not process your claim fairly, not only can you file an appeal, but you can also sue your insurance company for acting in bad faith and may be able to secure additional damages. An insurance dispute lawyer will work diligently to protect your rights and help you recover the maximum compensation you deserve.

Don’t let your benefits slip away. Our featured New Jersey insurance attorneys are here to help you successfully appeal an insurance claim denial. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your options and get started on your case right away.